Ace Tutors is beloved throughout Singapore, for helping students achieve results and scores that they could not have done otherwise. Don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the many testimonials, given by our grateful parents who have accomplished much with us.

These comments are many and varied, where notable trends emerge from the crowd - everyone is thankful of our hard work, appreciative of how we strive to respond to them ASAP, pleased with our thoughtfulness and diligence, overjoyed at the results and much more. The verdict is clear - they would recommend us to their friends or utilise our services again in the future, where possible.

Thank you to all contributors for offering their kind words of support and encouragement. You motivate us to strive to work harder for you in the future, day after day, month after month and year after year!

"I appreciate your agency's help. I want to particularly appreciate your Joyce (senior coordinator) who help me find good teachers. If there is a possibility, I would treat her a dinner to express my appreciation after my exams, I hope she could accept. I am from china, my English ablities limits my expression, I hope you can know my appreciation and polite!" - Jul2012 Student: Mr Zhong

"The coordinator (Ms Fizah) is very organised and works efficiently. She gets back to me promptly with regards to any updates from the parent." - Jul2012 Anonymous Tutor

"This is my first time using online servicing to find a Chinese tutor for my 10 yr old girl. only in 1 day I got the response and the tutor with reasonable fee . Hope the tutor and I can work together for supporting my daughter's education." - Jul2012 Parent: Ms Anie

"Coordinators are very polite and professional when handling the case, compared to other agencies. Keep it up!" - Jun2012 Anonymous Tutor

"I am very pleased with the prompt and efficient service provided by Ace Tutors. The coordinator was a great help in connecting me with the tutor I have in mind. He's very professional and mindful of my needs. Have no doubt that I will be recommending Ace Tutors to my friends and colleagues." - Jun2012 Parent: Mrs Chow

"I have taken a few assignments over the past few years from Joyce and she is always very prompt and efficient." - Jun2012 Anonymous Tutor

"Lina has a pleasant personality and am very pleased with her service provided. Will continue business with her. Thanks." - Jun2012 Anonymous Tutor

"This is the 2nd tutor that I've found via Ace Tutors, the agents are very prompt and swing into action very quickly! Love that kind of service, they also provide good recommendation for tutors! Thanks, Ace Tutors!" - Jun2012 Parent: Ms Christine

"The whole experience was awesome...prompt reply,friendly staff n everything was explain clearly to me.." - Jun2012 Parent: Mrs Shima

"Ms Joyce is a very efficient coordinator. She replies my smses really quickly and confirmed my tuition assignment within the same day. :)" - Jun2012 Anonymous Tutor

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Oh Seng Leong(1478)

Very good approach and good interaction with the child. Ms Pratiti

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Wang Yongdong(9079)

My son is happy with him. He has learned a lot. He listens to my son s learning needs and adjusts accordingly. Overall, happy with Wang. Mrs...

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