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Pursuing an A level certificate in exchange for two years of your life is not an easy decision to make, with tons of advanced content to be absorbed under a short time span. The immense pressure and stress levels that students will face should they decide to go with a Junior College for their education leads to only one of two outcomes: Securing a place in a local university or going overseas for your undergraduate degree.

A level graduates are vastly different from their peers studying in a Polytechnic because their cert is essentially worth much lesser than a diploma. The hard truth is that students that do not perform well enough in a JC will essentially end up in either a course they don’t fancy, a university overseas or no undergraduate degree at all.

If all of these problems sound pertinent to you, then choosing to have a private tuition would be ideal for you. With our tuition agency, you will be provided with a personalised home tuition that will fit your requirements. With dedicated tutors and staff, we will find out what you or your child requires in his/her studies and aid in your child’s eventual success.

Be it a crash course or a long-term subject tuition, we possess an arsenal of tutors that are well equipped with skills to aid in a one to one JC subject related tuition. We cover all areas of JC subjects including General Paper, Mathematics (H1 and H2), Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), humanities (History, Literature, Economics, China Studies) and more.

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Why is JC Home Tuition Favoured Amongst Students?

Partaking in the A Levels is on par to cramming two years’ worth of advanced topics that may or may not be of use to you in the future just for the sake of obtaining a GCE A Level certification.

Of course, with the difficulty and speed of the subjects increasing by leaps and bounds, it is not hard to find students that are not able to adjust and cope effectively leading to a “burn out” in their studies over time.

Hire Private JC Tuition

Adding to the constant stress of the core subjects that they have, Junior College students have the added workload coming from their Project Work (PW) and for those without Higher Chinese, their mother tongue subject. The finishing touch of CCAs and added commitments will ultimately result in packed JC life with no time to spare.

With that being said, if you notice your child struggling with the insane workload from their examinations and/or studies, its high time you considered hiring a private tutor for him/her.

Choose a Private Tutor over Tuition Centres

JC Tuition Centre

Of course, with the education system playing a huge impact in Singapore, the options for tuition and supplementary education are aplenty. Tuition agencies and private tutor centres are amassed all over community centres and the internet in today’s age so it is only natural that you consider them. However, apart from slightly cheaper rates that come from the cost savings of mass teachings, tuition centres may not be as good as private tuition in an economic sense.

Needless to say, when you send your child to a tuition centre, there will be time wasted travelling which could instead be used for both rest and study. This could seem minor in the short term, but these lost times will accumulate over months and will definitely take a toll on your child. Instead, you could opt for a private tuition where the tutor would travel straight to you and waste no time with nonsense.

Although it may seem fun and entertaining for your child when he is learning with other students, it will also mean that the attention he receives from the teacher is equally divided amongst the multitude of students. Home tuition promises full attention to your kid, and questions asked will be promptly answered.

Of course, a rising increase in difficulty from the subjects in the A levels would mean questions asked and tested would continue getting harder, testing the key concepts of the subject. Instead of having a tuition centre throw more content and less focus on individual concepts on your child, getting a personalised JC tutor will not only compound their understanding, it will focus on their weakness. Furthermore, customised attention is paid to your child and every lesson is a learning point. Choose our services today to ensure your child does well in his A Levels examination.

Cheapest JC Private Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tutorial classes may be smaller in the recent years, allowing the teacher to spend more time on each student. But more often than not, either due to a subpar teacher or inadequate time, students are not able to fully absorb the content from each tutorial. Here at Ace Tutors, we believe that every child deserves to have the very best in education, and JC Home Tuition fulfils our promises. Help your child secure his place in the very best university today and allow him to reach his full potential!

Offering the very best Fully Competent Home Tutors, ranging from part time undergraduates to full time NIE trained teachers, we believe that your child would surpass his expectations with proper coaching. Providing only the most competitive rates, you can rest assured that the price you receive is the lowest price possible in Singapore.

Experienced Junior College Tutors for Your Child in Singapore

If customised Junior College tuition is what you seek, then that is what we will provide. Believed to be Singapore’s Number 1 tuition agency in Singapore, we provide only the best, reliable and most affordable Junior College private home tutors.

Our Tutors’ expertise ranges from the usual core JC subjects such as H1 and H2 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics General Paper, Geography, Chinese Literature, Knowledge and Inquiry or any subject that you require.

With a complete range of qualified and competent JC tutors in our arsenal, they will provide you with the best aid in your required subject.

Has your child been failing in his examinations? Fret not, for we will be able to help him/her find a competent tutor that will not only fit your budget but your preferences.

JC Tutors Singapore

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