Tuition - An Overview In Singapore

by Justin Lee (28739 views)
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Tuition is a major component of the education scene in Singapore. Get to know the basics here.

The Background

According to a Sunday Times poll in 2008, 97 out of 100 students in Singapore had some form of tuition. More than half of the 97 students had home tuition, while the others were enrolled in tuition centres or had both forms of tuition. According to the Department of Statistics, the tuition industry is worth $820m in 2008, up from $470m in 1998.

Who Are Those Getting Tuition?

The bulk of students enrolling for tuition, both private and class, come from Primary schools, followed by Secondary schools and Junior Colleges. Tuition had also been requested by parents for their Kindergarten level children and by undergraduates or those attempting Masters entrance exams. This said, tuition for every conceivable academic subject is available in Singapore, even ‘real estate’!

Tuition Centres

From only 100 registered tuition centres in 1998, the total number now stands at around 500. Fees may range from $80 to more than $350 a month. Low income families are entitled to subsidies for tuition at Residents’ Committees or Community Centres, and this bring prices down to as low as $20 per month.

Home Tuition

There are more than 30,000 private tutors in Singapore who offer some form of home tuition. The number is potentially higher if you take part-time tutors into account as well. The charges normally range between $15/hr and $150/hr, depending on the qualification, experience and effectiveness of the tutor.

Is Tuition Necessary?

If you have the time to build on the foundations of your child like this mom, there may not be any need for tuition. The same goes if your child is motivated and smart enough. However if you notice any signs of deterioration of grades or in the quality of learning in your child, it may be worthwhile to invest in some form of tuition which can give you an accurate assessment of your child’s learning progress. Read How a teacher's behaviour in class affects student behaviour View more articles