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Online Tuition, Buangkok, North East, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Hougang, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Sengkang, Kovan
Tuition Background - Secondary
MOE-certified Teacher
Tuition/Teaching Experience
Taught students from ACS(I), ACSBR, Cat High, NYGH, HCI, VS, TKGS, Chung Cheng High, Crescent Girls' etc. With mutual hard work, students can expect a massive improvement from F to distinction!
Education [...]
  • National Institute of Education (2002-2003) Verified
    • Specialisation in Teachin - Credit
  • National University of Singapore (1999-2002) Verified
    • Bachelor of Science - Merit
Tutoring Subjects
  • Lower secondary level - Science 
  • Upper secondary level - Chemistry 
  • Music - Piano - Theory (Beginner, Intermediate), Practical (Beginner, Intermediate)
Commitment / Other Details
Highly positive testimonials from parents and students. I am committed to the full duration of the students' course in Science/Chemistry.
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Parent/Student Comments
Thank you so much Ms Daphne as my son improved from F9 to B3 in his Chemistry (Science- Chem & Bio) for O Levels taken in 2021 after being taught for 1 year. Ms Daphne is highly recommended as she is dedicated, professional and enthusiastic. She utilises her own notes, videos and chemical bonding models during her lessons and provides timely and concise feedback to us. We wish Ms Daphne all the very best in her career!

Thank you & Best Regards,
Vivien Leong

Thank you for recommending Daphne Chia to teach chemistry to my daughter. She scored A1 for her chemistry in the O level exam.

I like to feedback to you about tutor Ms Chia (Pure Chem teaching sec 4)
She knows the subject very well.
Her explainations are very clear.
She cares for student.
She has a schedule to follow. Thk You - Ms Yvonne

On 15 Dec 2016, we engaged Ms Daphne Chia to teach our daughter Sec 3 Pure Chemistry so as to give her a headstart. She had her Chem test on 23 Feb & we are very happy that she scored an A2, an improvement of 3 grades from her previous Science result of C5 in Sec 2. Ms Daphne Chia is very effective in terms of her lesson preparation, lesson delivery & assessment of students' learning. She is also willing to go beyond her call of duty to help students by replying to their queries outside of tuition hours when needed. In addition, with her affable disposition, she is able to establish & maintain excellent rapport with students & their parents. Thank you.

Ms Daphne Chia is a dedicated and committed tutor. She can cater to student's needs and can get along very well with parents too.

Nov 2017
My child has been taking private lessons for O level Chemistry from the tutor - Ms. Daphne Chia by Ace Tutors and we are impressed by her high dedication and passion displayed. My child has renewed her interest under the tutor's inspiration to secure improved grades in Chemistry subject.
I am happy that the tutor's hard work has well surpassed my expectations and allowed my child to achieve her personal bests. Thank you. by Ms Chiew Har

Ms Chia has provided me with notes that are detailed and concised. She ensures that I understand my concepts by providing clear ad interesting explanations. Dedicated to help me improve on my weaker topics, she is patient and explains each topic again whenever I do not understand a certain topic. Her lessons are engaging as she uses a variety of props such as video demonstrations and 3D structures to help me better understand each topic. Being professional and very flexible, she has helped me improve my grades from F9 to B3 in a span of 10 months.
Xin Fang

谢老师是一名十分尽责任的老师 听说我是中国来的 用全中文教学来尽力让我听懂 考试时也是时刻关注着我的进度 虽然短短几节课无法让我做到成绩斐然(变得很好) 但是有进步了 在她的指导下知道怎么学了才是最重要的 所以我很感激 老师对我的指导 也希望我的成果可以让她接受 以对我们过去的四节课留下一个好的结果
Assignments Taken
  • Secondary 3 Chemistry tuition - Dec 22
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Nov 21
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Oct 20
  • Secondary 3 Chemistry IP syllabus tuition - Sep 20
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Jan 18
  • Secondary 3 Chemistry tuition - Nov 16
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry Sec 4 in 2017 tuition - Oct 16
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Mar 16
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Oct 13
  • Secondary 4 Chemistry tuition - Jun 13