Maths Tuition - What To Look Out For?

by Justin Lee (76259 views)
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The ideal maths tuition should come with adequate practice, reviews, great curriculum and an ideal tutor

Whether you are choosing between hiring a private tutor or going to a tuition centre, you should consider these fundamental elements to ensure that your child gets the maximum results out of her Maths Tuition.

Practice Practice Practice

Ask any Maths tutor, and they will tell you that the surest way to succeed in Maths is through practice. If you observe how the Ministry of Education (MOE) structures it’s Maths textbooks, you will notice that they come filled with practice questions. Singapore textbooks, by the way, are recognised as some of the best in the world. Make sure that your maths tuition emphasizes practice.


Excessive practice is fruitless if inadequate time is put into practice reviews. As obvious as it seems, some maths tuitions continue to fail because the pace employed is too ambitious. Your child should be given sufficient time to identify, correct, and learn from her mistakes before progressing to a more difficult chapter.


A solid curriculum ensures that maths is taught in an easy and progressive manner. Whether does your child follow MOE’s regular curriculum or the school’s gifted curriculum, it is important that the curriculum of the maths tuition which she is enrolled in is compatible and progressive.


The most ideal tutor for maths tuition is one who is patient, committed, loves maths, and is able to connect with his students. He should be able to break down complex questions into easy-to-understand steps and identify the areas of weakness of your child. In essence, he should be able to keep your child consistently motivated and help your child excel. Read about Science tuition - how to value add View more articles

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