Cool Science Videos for Tuition #2

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Artificial meat made out of sewage; Spoons that melt in water; and Technology that recreates images from your brain? Check out these cool science videos and liven up your tuition this holiday period!

1. Biology/Chemistry: Artificial meat made out of sewage mud

“The biggest hurdle has to be psychological barrier”, says the Japanese scientist who made meat out of faeces. Perhaps Singaporeans, who vastly enjoy our NEWater, can stomach such meat better than the rest of the world.

2. Chemistry: Melting a spoon in water

For a spoon to melt in water, there’s got to be something terribly wrong with either the spoon, the water, or your mind. In this case, the spoon is actually made of Gallium, and the whole experiment may set you back by about SGD 180 if you bought the gallium spoon-making device.

3. Physics/Engineering: An electronic dog which carries your school bag?

More like carrying bag packs and rifles, unfortunately. This robot, designed after the likeness of a dog, is funded for military application. Hopefully these dogs can be quickly reapplied for civilian use instead.

4. Biology: The future of surgery

The daVinci is a robot which allows delicate surgery to be conducted remotely by a surgeon. In the following demonstration, the a doctor does origami through the daVinci.

5. Biology: Recreation of images in your mind

Researchers managed to recreate images in the mind of subjects using fMRI scans of brain activity. The image on the left is the Hollywood movie trailer showed to the subject, whereas the image on the right is the reconstruction of the image. This technology may possibly be applied to help the paralysed communicate with us expeditiously through images, or perhaps images of words.

6. Physics: Partial invisibility in the water

Partial invisibility is achieved using heat emitted from carbon nanotube sheets, creating the mirage effect. It bends light reaching the viewer’s eyes. Should you be interested, the paper can be downloaded here:

7. Physics/Engineering: A device which scoops up semi-solids

This device is able to scoop up semi-liquids such as ketchup and mayonnaise! Mums will love this. Share your interesting science video links with us at our Facebook page. View Cool science videos for tuition #3