Science Tuition - How To Value Add?

by Justin Lee (61522 views)
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For your Science Tuition to be effective, you need to provide more than just clear explanations. Parents are starting to look out for the following value-adding features as well.

Knowing the keywords

Examiners tend to go strictly by the recommended answers in their markings. As rigid as it appears, using the word “warmth” as opposed to “heat” may cost a few mark deductions. A scientific answer, for example, should be phrased as “heat is transferred from object A to B”, rather than “warmth is transferred from object A to B”. Your science tuition can value-add by providing essential Keyword Lists to students and making sure that your students use the keywords wherever necessary.

Scientific Answering Techniques

Besides the use of keywords, there are many other scientific answering techniques that your students need to be aware of. For example in comparison questions, the points of similarity and points of parity need to be stated in order for full marks to be awarded. Consider buying a guide for your student, one which covers the essential answering techniques. Highlight these techniques and make sure that they are used extensively in your science tuition.

Science that lights up a child’s life

Science Tuition may be a daunting affair to students, especially those who are weak in their English. Besides ensuring that your students understand the fundamental concepts, make your Science Tuition is engaging and enlightening to your students by explaining mundane concepts using interesting examples wherever possible. Consider using BBC Science or as your source of inspiration. View a list of Cool science videos for tuition #2 View a list of Cool science videos for tuition View more articles