The Godfather by Mario Puzo

by James Tang (7577 views)
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A movie that was highly rated by many, The Godfather stands to be one of the few classic films that have since received critical acclaim due to its superb film production, acting and directing. True, not many people in the current generation may enjoy the film due to the lack of high paced action sequence, but the dialogues in the Godfather is nothing short of impactful.


The movie revolves around the Corleones’, a Sicilian Mafia family settled in New York City. The head of the family was first run by Don Vito Corleone. The mafia boss who is known as the Godfather conducts his businesses in office by getting things done from people in an exchange for favors. The film evolves when Don Vito is shot by rival mafia groups and his youngest son, Michael Corleone takes over as the Godfather. Throughout the movie, there are many lessons to be learned but one does stick out particularly strong. At the start of the movie, we can already see Don Vito granting favors in exchange for favors that he might, in turn, have in the future. In reality, many of the things we do in our lives revolve around this, and it would be good to start putting these into a habit.


Favors in Business

Cultivating a good business relationship with others means being willing to help others when they are in need. Everyone is a potential asset, regardless of the place they are in currently. If something is within your capacity and you find that you are able to accomplish it, try your best to assist the other party. You never know when you would need their help in the future.


Favors in Learning Environments

For students that have yet to go out into the business world, you’ll realize that favors can be chalked up even in learning environments. Your friends or classmates may encounter problems understanding a certain concept or may need help revising. If they ask, and you understand the concept, there is no harm in explaining it to them in your free time. Now, this is definitely not a waste of time, nor will it pull you down in terms of your knowledge. Scientific research has proven that by helping others to revise a certain content, you, in turn, are able to solidify your own understanding of the subject and create new neural pathways in your brain. This happens especially when you connect new concepts with simpler models that you have previously learned and is one of the main principles in the Feynman learning model.



In conclusion, there is much to be gained from offering others a helping hand when they are in times of need. Be it Business or in learning environments, there is a fine balance between being ruthless and offering others help. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way in order to please the other party. Do not hold a grudge on ingrates and simply move on if others do not bother paying it forward.