5 Ways to Learn and Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

by Bruce (264058 views)
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Critical thinking is a valuable skill that can be learned and improved over time. Here are some tips on how and where to learn critical thinking skills:

1.     Read and engage with diverse perspectives: One way to develop critical thinking skills is to read a variety of sources on a given topic and engage with a range of viewpoints. This can help you develop your own perspective and learn how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different arguments.

2.     Take courses or workshops: Many universities and organizations offer courses or workshops on critical thinking skills. These can provide structured guidance on how to analyze information and think critically about complex issues.

3.     Seek out mentorship or coaching: Working with a mentor or coach who has strong critical thinking skills can be a great way to learn by example. They can provide feedback and guidance on how to improve your own critical thinking abilities.

4.     Practice analyzing information: Practice is key to developing any skill, including critical thinking. Take opportunities to analyze information and arguments, whether it's in the context of a class discussion or a debate with friends.

5.     Utilize online resources: There are a wealth of online resources available for learning critical thinking skills, including tutorials, articles, and videos. Websites like edX, Coursera, and TED-Ed offer free courses and lectures on critical thinking.

Attached is a video from TED-Ed describing a 5-step process that will help us improve our critical thinking.


In addition to these tips, it's important to note that critical thinking is a skill that requires ongoing practice and refinement. By continuing to seek out opportunities to analyze information, engage with diverse perspectives, and learn from others, you can continue to improve your critical thinking abilities over time.