How Home Tutors are Saving Students

by James Tang (4605 views)
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In Singapore, where the competition for getting the best grades is rather rampant amongst students and parents, tuition centres are one of the highly sorted after “extra curriculum” activity for students. However, besides the fact that both private and group tuition centres have escalated the fight for good grades, there is a small minority of students that people are actually overlooking. Home tutors have in fact been saving students for the past decade, helping students who are not able to learn via the conventional formal education method. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how home tutors have been saving students for the longest time.

Exam Techniques

At most schools in Singapore, the exam syllabus is such that students are only able to complete a large majority of questions, but therein lies a few questions that are a lot more difficult than previously taught. This requires both a deep understanding of the topic beforehand as well as deep and critical thinking on the part of the student. Now not all schools teach this in their syllabus but you can be sure home tutors will impart such exam techniques and skills required to your child. After all, they have experienced the education system on their own and are thus more than apt at helping your child understand what is required.

Personal Notes

Not all school notes are made equal and it’s a fact that the top schools in Singapore seem to have a slight advantage over other schools when it comes to notes. Home tutors have often seen and understood the trend when it comes to examinations and know the answers that questions require of students. Many students struggle in school because they simply do not understand which part of a subject is important, and which part is not. Home tutors are able to simplify this process for students, aiding them in their studies.


Let’s face it, home tutors are never like teachers because teachers are often detached from their students. With so many students to teach, teachers have to focus their attention on so many different levels, never really connecting with anyone of them. Home tutors spend more time on a personal level with students and are thus able to act more as a mentor than a teacher with every lesson. This allows home tutors to motivate students to levels higher than any class teacher is able to. Aside from that, a home tutor’s work ethics and personal values are bound to be imparted into students over time when they get to know each other better, helping the student grow on many different levels.

Learning to Learn

Finally, home tutors are able to save students simply because they teach at a pace that students learn most effectively! Schools don’t take into account one’s pace of learning, they have to adhere to the number of days available for them to run the curriculum. With a home tutor, students can start learning before school starts or even go faster than the syllabus the school is currently at!