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Gelasia Chan Cee Hwee (25741)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Jurong West
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
I've been a tutor for a year. During my time teaching, I've taught students of various backgrounds, ranging from kindergarten to secondary, each with different struggles, that I adapt my teaching to.
Education [...]
  • Undergraduate (2021-2021)
    • Physics - -
    • Chemistry - -
    • Molecular Cell Biology - -
    • Bioinformatics - -
    • Genetics - -
    • Anatomy and Physiology - -
    • Biology - -
    • Mathematics - -
  • Westwood Secondary School (2015-2018)
    • English - A1
    • Elementary Mathematics - A2
    • Biology - A2
    • Geography - A1
    • Chemistry - B3
    • Chinese - B3
    • Additional Mathematics - C5
    • Combined Humanities (SS, - A2
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Higher Maths Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - English Geography Mathematics Science 
  • Upper secondary level - Bio/Chem Biology Chemistry E Maths English Geography 
  • Music - Piano - Theory (Beginner, Intermediate), Practical (Beginner, Intermediate, Leisure)
Commitment / Other Details
I am able to start immediately for any assignment I undertake.
Commitment periods are decided by the client beforehand.
I will be holding lower pri Maths group tuition every Sat from 4-6pm in Jurong.
Rapport Building
When I begin an assignment, I feel that it is crucial to get to know the child first, so that they can open up to me and be comfortable with my presence. I also believe it is important to keep a parent updated on everything that happens during class time.

Before beginning lessons proper, I'll take some time speaking to the child about their hobbies and interests, so that I can integrate them into our lessons, such as referencing a favorite character or putting the character in an example. I believe that learning should be fun for every child. As such, I try to take a non-traditional approach to teaching.

I definitely still use textbooks and assessment books / mock papers, but I also try to use digital tools and other physical objects to further engage the child. I create notes, worksheets, and mock papers tailored to a child's needs and weaknesses. In class, my focus is to keep the child engaged and focused on the lesson. As such, I'll allocate periods of time for the child to have time to themselves to think through what they just learned, or practise it for themselves.

I believe in rewarding a child for doing well. I do not expect a child to jump from a fail grade to B in just one month. I believe that it is extremely important to provide constant encouragement to children, even if they do not perform well. I am very patient with children. I would never yell at them for getting a question wrong or misunderstanding something I've explained multiple times. Instead, I'll change my teaching style to suit their needs.

For the parents, I will create an excel sheet that contains information on the child's progress in school (based on what I gather from the child and their examinations) and in class. This sheet will also contain what happened in class and other comments. I will update the parents on the content of every lesson after each lesson, in person, if the parents wish for it.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
To constantly upgrade myself and keep myself up with curriculum, I browse through MOE's syllabus before every lesson to ensure I cover all the bases. Before every lesson, I will check in with the child on what has been covered in school recently, to ensure that I am able to keep up with their school's pace.
As a Good Tutor
I believe that some qualities a good tutor should have are compassion, patience, innovativeness, and being hardworking. No two children are the same. Using a one-size-fits-all approach kills creativity and enthusiasm. Therefore, I believe a good tutor should be innovative an adaptable. A tutor should be patient as well. Not all children learn at the same pace and it is important to recognize that.
Accept Below Average Rate?
Yes, willing to accept below average rate
Handle Special Needs Children?
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