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Moses Lee (23959)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon, Yio Chu Kang
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
Tutored 2 other students before. Dedicated and passionate and patient.
Education [...]
  • Junior College (2015-2016)
    • Math - B
    • Chemistry - B
    • Physics - C
    • Economics - B
    • Project Work - B
    • General Paper - C
  • Mayflower Secondary School (2010-2014)
    • Amath - A
    • Emath - A
    • Physics - A
    • Chemistry - A
    • English - B
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - Mathematics Science 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths Chemistry E Maths Physics 
  • Music - Piano - Theory (Intermediate), Practical (Advanced)
Commitment / Other Details
Able to start as soon as possible. Time of classes preferably in the morning, but can be arranged again. Location, anywhere near central or northeast should be alright.
Rapport Building
I like to talk to parents on the progress of their child's education and hope to give constructive feedback so that we can work together to help the student. As for the students, i am very patient and i will do my best to help the student.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
I check on the MOE website on the most updated curriculum and i do my own homework so that i ensure that i always apply the newest and most updated curriculum when coaching the student.
As a Good Tutor
A good tutor is one that has patience, and is dedicated to teaching and helping the student do better not only at school but in life.
Accept Below Average Rate?
Yes, willing to accept below average rate
Handle Special Needs Children?
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