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Tuition Areas [...]
Punggol, North East, Clementi/West Coast, Hougang, Sengkang, Buangkok, Kovan, Buona Vista
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
Accumulative teaching experience to children 5 - 10 years old for over a year at a reputable tuition center. Informally tutored primary school children (including my brother who is taking PSLE this year) over the years which allows me to understand the current MOE syllabus better. Dedicated to see the growth of an individual, I strive to guide the child to grow beyond their best potential, looking at alternative engagement methods to spark the learning interest of the child
Education [...]
  • Jurong Junior College (2012-2013) Verified
    • Biology - B
    • Chemistry - C
    • Mathematics - D
    • Economics - B
    • General Paper - D
  • Evergreen Secondary School (2008-2011) Verified
    • English - B3
    • Combined Humanities (Geog - A2
    • Mathematics - A2
    • Additional Mathematics - A2
    • Physics - A2
    • Science (Chemistry, Biolo - A2
    • Chinese - A2
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - Mathematics Science 
  • Upper secondary level - E Maths 
Commitment / Other Details
Able to start immediately and will be able to commit at least till end of 2016. Prefer locations in the North-East or West (near to NUS campus)
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Accept Below Average Rate?
Yes, willing to accept below average rate
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