Tutor Profile

Tuition Areas [...]
Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Clementi/West Coast, Jurong East, Jurong West, Woodlands, Yishun, Kranji, Marsiling, Yew Tee, Buona Vista, Dover, Tiong Bahru
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
- 4 years of tutoring experience
- (ex) MOE Intern at TWSS
- taught a student who has been failing since p4 & he passed his pale
Education [...]
  • Anderson Junior College (2012-2013) Verified
    • General Paper - B
    • Malay - A
    • Project Work - A
    • History - B
    • Economics - C
    • Geography - C
    • H1 Maths - D
  • West Spring Secondary School (2008-2011) Verified
    • English Language - B3
    • Mathematics - B3
    • Malay Language - A1
    • Combined Sciences (Chemis - A1
    • Combined Humanities (Soci - A2
    • Pure History - A1
    • Principles of Accounts - B3
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Higher Malay Malay Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - English Geography History Literature Malay Malay Literature Science Social Studies 
  • Upper secondary level - Accounting Bio/Chem Geography History Malay Social Studies 
  • Junior college level - AO Malay General Paper Geography History 
Commitment / Other Details
Can start immediately and for a long period of time.
Rapport Building
Usually, I would come early for the first session to talk to the parent and the student so that I am able to know more about the development of the student in school and in what areas am I supposed to provide her help in the most. Also, I try to keep a transparent view of the development of the lessons so that the parents are in the loop of the flow of the lessons as well as how is the child improving. As for the students, I try to be interesting so as to engage them and also understand their point of view.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
What is important is to know the syllabus of the year that you are teaching so as to be directed in what you are teaching them.

Also, I have to definitely prepare a lesson to ensure that the lesson itself is engaging and fulfilling - ensuring that the students improve every lesson.
As a Good Tutor
1. Punctuality

I think it's important that a good tutor is always punctual so that she will be prepared to teach and not rush through any lesson.

Furthermore, it is unprofessional to be late for your job.

2. Understanding & Aware

It is important to be understanding of the students' situation and progress, understanding of the problems that they ate facing which would then allow us to help them improve in the areas concerned.

3. Pleasant Personality

By being friendly and approachable, it would mean that the students will be at ease during tuition and will find it easier to communicate about the problems they are facing at school as well as their studies.
Accept Below Average Rate?
Yes, willing to accept below average rate
Handle Special Needs Children?
Parent/Student Comments
She applies good strategies to work towards the Malay O Level paper.
Assignments Taken
  • Primary 5 Mathematics & Science tuition - Feb 17
  • Secondary 4 Malay tuition - Jan 17
  • Secondary 4 Malay ( 2 Students O Levels )) tuition - Mar 16