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East, North, North East, South, Central
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HI wen kai here and i have been working as a violin teacher in yamaha music school for the past 2 years. Recently wanted to move on to providing private lessons instead due to the flexibility i can have and more focus i can give to students on a one one one basis teaching. Private lessons will give the students a faster learning speed as well helping the students achievie his/her goals faster.
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  • Nanyang polytechnic (2007-2010)
    • computing mathematics - a
  • abrsm music school (2001-2011)
    • violin techniques - 8
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  • Music - Violin - Theory (Advanced)
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Like most of the violin players , i am the result of my own teacher's instruction. I have had several teachers over the years who have taught me how to play the violin but that only make an average violin player.

On the other hand i was blessed to have learnt the master suzuki violin technique from majorie hystek who had taught me how to play the violin into the next advanced level. That has made me not only a good violin player but also a good violin teacher.

For suzuki violin method in australia, all teachers. who are qualified by the Suzuki Talent Education Association must first study under a master teacher to learn how to teach the suzuki repertoire as well as the ABRSM repertoire bundled with Dr suzuki teaching methodology.

Motivation is very important for the study of violin to make learning more rewarding and progress assured. I am careful to pace the lesson to work on the following areas each lesson depending on the students receptivity and interest.

Intonation - Playing in tunes (the left hand) . Many players who have come to me have never been taught how to play in tune consistently.

Tonalization- how to produce a good sound(the right hand-the bow). Again, this area is very weak with most violinists. It is easy to improve when the bow grip and bow stroke is done well.

Repertoire- each week students learn new pieced with different styles and enjoy their practice with the use of accompainment CDS. I will steadily work through the suzuki violin books which represent the standard classical violin repertoire.

Get back to me if you have any enquiries.
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Yes, able to handle special needs children
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