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Sim Jie Kai (15133)

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Marine Parade, Bedok/Chai Chee, East Coast, Geylang/Macpherson/Eunos, Tampines/Simei, Kembangan, Tanah Merah
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
I have taught students in both English and English Literature in lower and upper secondary schools previously. Students oftentimes think that they cannot do much for these subjects, and complain that they "cannot study" for it, however, there is a certain methodology to develop one's thinking process to excel in both the language and the subject.

I am currently an undergraduate in English in NTU and personally, I love talking about and teaching literature. Though many view it as a subject that is mostly fluff, I strongly opine that literature allows one to have an acute perspective on matters and is important in developing one's maturity.
Education [...]
  • Hwa Chong Institution (2008-2009)
    • English Literature - A
  • Nanyang Technological University (2012-2014)
    • Renaissance Literature - A
    • Survey of Literature - A
    • Classical Literature - A
    • Singapore Literature - A
    • Approaches to Literature - A-
    • American Literature - A-
Tutoring Subjects
  • Lower secondary level - English Literature 
  • Upper secondary level - English Literature 
  • Junior college level - General Paper Literature 
Commitment / Other Details
Barring Tuesday nights, all days are negotiable. During the semester for university, lessons are dependent on my timetable. Weekday nights (except for Tuesdays) should all be fine. I am able to start immediately.

Materials, including readings, guidelines, exercises, be it comprehension or unseen poetry/prose, will be provided by me. No assessment books are needed on the student's part. Should the school have prescribed textbooks for the subject, I will assess the textbooks' suitability for lessons and adjust accordingly. Lessons last for one and a half hours for a single subject, and two for two subjects. This is to ensure the student's attention span is not exhausted, and money is not wasted on unproductive hours. Should there be requests for longer lessons closer to the exam period, I will strongly discourage it, but will agree to it if the parent is insistent and/or the student is eager to learn more.
Rapport Building
I welcome parents to give feedback or to express concerns regarding their children. Talks do not have to be centered upon grades, but should also include other aspects of the student's school/home life. I love getting to know my students, and in the process, I hope the parent will get to know their child better too (:
Keeping Up with Curriculum
As a Good Tutor
Good tutors get to know their students in depth and adjust the pace of the lessons accordingly. My lessons all revolve around the same principles, starting from clarity in writing and slowly advancing to sophistication in arguments and analysis, but proceed at different rhythms for different students.
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