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Dickson Chang (15091)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Admiralty, North
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
My only past teaching experience is to my peers. This is where I feel that I love to teach especially when they can understand and apply what I just taught.
Education [...]
  • Nanyang Junior College (2010-2011)
    • Chemistry - A
    • Physics - A
    • Economics - A
    • Mathematics - A
    • General Paper - D
  • Presbyterian High School (2006-2009)
    • English - C5
    • History/SS - A1
    • Geography - A1
    • Mathematics - A1
    • Additional Mathematics - A1
    • Physics - A2
    • Chemistry - A1
    • Chinese - A2
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - Higher Maths Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - Mathematics 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths Chemistry E Maths Physics Physics/Chem 
  • Junior college level - Maths 
Commitment / Other Details
I am able to start anytime and will follow through the student until he finish his studies. I can give the promise because I will only have at most 2 students (limit that I set personally) as I feel it is my responsibility the moment I agreed to take up the tuition assignment. I will also not just be a part time teacher, the student can clarify their doubts any time.
Rapport Building
For student, I will first have to know the student personally and his/her character and how he/she learns best. I will offer any help to my best of ability to help the student in any ways possible.

I will do my best to meet the parents' expectation and also update the parents of how their child is performing or if they are facing any obstacles or difficulties.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
I will first find out how the teacher in the school teaches and then plan out how I will go about teaching so as not to confuse the student.
As a Good Tutor
My goal as a tutor is not just to improve the student's academic results but also to help them to find their goal and start with the end in mind!

Constant encouragement and always focus on the positive!
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