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Aneka Prakash Nair (14796)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Sembawang, North
A' Levels
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
I do relief teaching at Northland Primary School and have a keen interest in imparting my knowledge to other people.
I have a passion for Mathematics, and it shows in my results how I have excelled in the areas that I have the greatest passion for.
Thus, I believe I can be a great tutor as I am passionate about what I will be tutoring.
Education [...]
  • Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) (2008-2011)
    • English - A1
    • Elementary Mathematics - A1
    • Additional Mathematics - A1
    • Combined Humanities (SS a - A1
    • Chemistry - A2
    • Physics - B3
    • Biology - B4
    • Chinese - B3
    • Higher Chinese - C6
  • Northland Primary School (2002-2007)
    • English - A
    • Mathematics - A
    • Science - B
    • Chinese - A
    • Higher Chinese - Merit
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Mathematics 
  • Lower secondary level - English Mathematics 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths E Maths English 
Commitment / Other Details
I am able to commit to any weekday or weekend, depending on the schedule of the student.
Rapport Building
I try my best to communicate with the students based on what would interest them.
For example, I will always make an effort to find out about their schooling experience and what bothers them in school. This way, I can ensure that my student feels comfortable and would have an environment which they will excel in during the tuition session.

As for parents, I will make sure that I give them regular updates on the progress of their child, so that they will always be aware of how their child is doing.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
My mother is a primary school teacher and I am a relief teacher at Northland Primary School, and as such, I am very familiar with the syllabus of the primary school students.

As for secondary school students, I will definitely revisit my old textbooks which I have kept, in order to keep in touch with those work. Also, I will contact my friends and teachers in such schools to make sure that I know the syllabus well.
As a Good Tutor
I think that a tutor has to be passionate about teaching, and also be committed and determined to make the learning experience for the student as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.
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