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Gokul Jayaram (13432)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Jurong West, East, North, North East, West, South, Central, North West
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
I have 3 years tutoring experience, right up from high school. I started with students who were being tutored by my mom, who is herself a lecturer. Since I was academically outstanding with straight A's, this was quite easy for me to undertake. What made me interested and dedicated was the feeling of helping my classmates and juniors and watching them improve in their performances.
Education [...]
  • Nanyang Technological University (2009-2013)
    • Mathematics I - A
    • Physics II - A+
    • Chemistry - B+
    • Computing - A
    • Mathematics II - A-
    • Materials Science - B+
    • Data structures & Algorit - A-
    • Digital Electronics - B+
    • Analog electronics - B+
    • AC Circuits & Machines - B+
  • SSSHSS, India (2007-2009)
    • Mathematics - A1
    • Physics - A1
    • Chemistry - A1
    • Computer Science - A1
    • English (General paper) - A1
Tutoring Subjects
  • Lower secondary level - English Geography History Literature Mathematics Science Social Studies 
  • Upper secondary level - A Maths Chemistry E Maths English Geography History Literature Physics Physics/Chem Social Studies 
  • Junior college level - Chemistry Computing General Paper Maths Physics 
Commitment / Other Details
I am a graduate and currently in search of full-time employment. Since I have a decent break at the moment, I am looking to tutor part-time and pursue it even after I get a job due to my interest in the profession. In addition, I am a Singapore Airlines - Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. (SIA-NOL) university scholar.
Rapport Building
I am quite a friendly person and tend to get around well with others. With students, it is easy to build a rapport due to my past experiences and the fact that I was a student till a month ago. I was lead vocalist for the NTU band and musicians are generally considered interesting. Since I am amicable, parents also tend to like my attitude.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
I am an avid reader and keep myself updated with all my fields of interest.
As a Good Tutor
Tutors are different from school teachers in the sense that the environment is much more relaxed and less competitive. The objective is to get the student interested in the subject more than anything else. Once the interest is established, performance comes naturally. I like to have a style of teaching that is stimulating and easy to follow. As I was a university scholar and senior secondary school topper, my academic skills are indeed proven.
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