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Jesmine Goh (12937)

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Jurong West
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I specialise in english education for adults and preschool to primary school students. I have taught a range of ages and focus on building a proper foundation for speaking and writing through use of phonics for proper english pronunciation and correct grammar use. My students are currently mostly foreigners who are new to the english language.

I also tutor primary school students in english and am particularly motivated in teaching students who are achieving borderline grades in school. My experience tells me that students usually under achieve because of lack of interest. It is my hope to cultivate an appreciation for the subject through creative teaching methods that are catered to the individual student rather than being grade focused.
Education [...]
  • National University of Singapore (2006-2010)
    • psychology - hons
  • Meridain JC (2004-2005)
    • Maths - A
    • Econs - A
    • Physics - B
    • GP - B3
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  • Primary level - English Mathematics 
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I'm able to start immediately.
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Yes, able to handle special needs children
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  • Other English tuition - Jul 14
  • Primary 5 English tuition - Jul 13