Who is Steve Jobs?

by James Tang (1827 views)
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Everyone knew Steve Jobs as the founder of Apple and the inventor of the revolutionary iPhone. Steve Jobs was the CEO and major shareholder of Pixar Animation, a member of the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors and CEO of NeXT Inc. He single handled revolutionised microcomputer in the 1970s and 80s along with his partner Steve Wozniak and was one of the most creative entrepreneurs that revolutionised the world of IT and animation.

His history

Steve Jobs was adopted by his parents and grew up in the household of an alcoholic and occasionally abusive father. While growing up, Jobs was influenced by his father’s love for craftsmanship and would often hang out with him in his free time. This founded his love for electronics and he soon befriended many engineers who lived around his neighbourhood.

In classrooms, Jobs had trouble operating in traditional classrooms and had problems with authority figures. This led to endless suspensions and being reprimanded by his teachers throughout his education. Later in college, Jobs decided to drop out of school as he didn’t want to spend his parents’ money on it. He continued college only by auditing classes and attended calligraphy lessons which he attributed to being the success of the Macintosh’s multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts.

Before inventing the first Mac book, Jobs travelled to India in search of spiritual enlightenment and subsequently became a practitioner of Zen Buddhism. He was later quoted saying that people who did share his counter culturalism could not fully appreciate his thinking and thus would not be able to relate to him.

His character

Jobs had an unbelievable imagination and his creativity was off the charts. In fact, he experimented with many psychedelic drugs in his search for enlightenment and classified them as one of the most important things in life which he has experimented with.

Adding to that, Jobs was extremely passionate and fearless in his approach to life, stemming from early into his child, and his stubborn nature. Although these have led to many of his controversial actions on his journey in life, these gave him a pinch of eccentricity which allowed his employees to work to their best abilities.

Jobs was also resilient in his journey, having had the strength and moral fibre to resist challenges that life threw at him. His ability to look forward and make sound decisions has not only led to his transformation from a IT practitioner to an entrepreneur, it allowed him to revolutionise the world.

Finally, Jobs was a perfectionist and saw that every product that he handled was made to the best of his abilities. Combining it with his cunning, this has resulted in him rising up the ranks although at times it may have come off as arrogant to his co-workers.