What parents should expect in their children’s first year in college

by Lisa Griffin (11387 views)
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College is the most exciting part of any student’s life. Though it seems fun for teenagers, their parents don't even know what to expect from crazy college life. When their precious child is leaving for college, surely parents worry too much. Apparently, it happens due to movies and TV-shows about first-year students that make a false impression of what college is. Here are a few pieces of advice for college freshmen, which you might find useful.


1. Living on your own

At the beginning of the year, all students start to live in a hostel. Moreover, the reality of living on your own appears to be a real "struggle for life" for many of them. Living without parents used to be a dream for every child. Nevertheless, some students find it difficult living in a student community and can even sink into deep depression. There is no point in trying to prepare children for independence – leave them alone, they will learn how to arrange their life.

2. Time management

Living without parents is relaxing. As soon as children get out of parents control, they forget about time. The issue of time management is the most crucial at the initial stage of the college experience. In order to avoid troubles and stresses, plan ahead. Write down every important target dates, meetings in your calendar or planner. It will help to complete everything on time and, thus, you will still have free time for fun and recreation. Remember, that the key to success is not wasting your time.

3. Food issues

Now when parents are far away from you, you can finally eat anything you want. Pizza, sushi, junk food, and soda lead to gaining weight. Without your parents and a healthy diet, you are likely to gain too much weight in your first year. To avoid anti-balance, you must realize that you are an adult now and you need to learn how to cook a tasty and healthy meal for yourself. Don’t forget, «You are what you eat.”

4. Nightlife

Along with healthy food problem, a sleeping issue is rising as well. Whether it is night parties or staying up late because of studying, any student faces a lack of sleep in his first year. However, if you are going to study thoroughly, you must sleep for 8-9 hours every night. Otherwise, your brain won’t work active enough to obtain all the necessary information, and you will fail your exams. Also, sleeping for 3-4 hours per day causes stresses, which can affect your education and social relations as well.

5.Be active

College life is about participating in everything, including studying and social life. Make new friends, enroll in additional classes and be involved in everything you are interested in. College is not a good place for reserved people, try to have fun and contact with your mates. Don’t be afraid to talk to professors, whose classes you attend. Ask questions about their subjects, share your opinion on topics and urgent issues. Thus, you will receive additional knowledge and be highly thought by those teachers.

6.Find a job

While studying in college, you will need a lot of money. The best way to find them is to get a job instead of asking your parents to send some cash. Take up a part-time job somewhere near your college or become a freelancer. The employment will help you to become more organized and independent. It also contributes to feeling confident and valuable in society. Moreover, don't forget that your prerogative is to study well in college.


7.Visit your hometown

It's okay to miss your home, your old friends and carefree school time. If you are studying in college, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep in touch with your school friends. Don’t forget to come home on holidays to visit your parents and friends. Their support will help you to cope with all the years of studying. Call your mom and dad and tell a few beautiful words to warm their hearts, and let them know that you are fine. Moreover, you can send them a gift or two; it will show how valuable they are. This also will help to avoid a point break parents’ guide. It won’t make you a sissy, only a grateful child.


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