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A quick explanation of Kwik Reading.


Whether consuming a news article online or thoughtfully diving into a mystery novel, we spend more time reading than we realize. The power of reading is incredible.

Our brains can break down sentences into words with meaning, attach ideas to terms, and string them together to create a thought. Some people have an easier time reading than others, speeding through pages upon pages in no time.

Well, one individual is on a mission to help everyone harness that skill and become speed reading masters.


What is Kwik Reading?

Kwik Reading (also known as Super Reading) is a course by Jim Kwik. It promises to boost your reading speed and reading comprehension by the end of the course.

According to Jim Kwik, there are no bad readers, just bad reading habits. The foundation of Jim’s program treats reading as a skill just like any other skill that can be sharpened over time and repetition.

Kwik Reading helps your elevate four key reading aspects: focus, speed, retention, and comprehension.

Basics of Kwik Reading Methodology

While we can’t possibly cover all the hidden gems inside the Super Reading program, we want to share these five basics that make up a large portion of the Kwik speed reading methodology.


1. Using a Visual Pacer

One of the lessons taught by Kwik is using a visual pacer. He shows you how to utilize a pacer and spells out the ups and downs of different types of visual pacers. By using visual pacers, you can keep your reading speed on track.

2. Indentation Technique

The indenting method of reading is another foundation of Kwik. This method teaches you to focus your gaze around the middle of a sentence; that way, your brain can pick apart the sentence faster. You are essentially training your peripheral vision.

3. Posture When Reading

The best way to read a book (or anything, for that matter) is to read while sitting with your back upright. Plant your feet on the ground and keep your head straight, avoiding neck tilt as much as possible. Proper posture when reading protects your back and neck, as well as puts you in a more comfortable position to speed through a book.

3. Overcoming Subvocalization

If you read while hearing your own voice in your head, this is called subvocalization, and it’s quite normal. However, learning how to overcome subvocalization is key to reading faster. Kwik provides a few easy tips for eliminating this, such as reading for ideas instead of words, and simply reading fast enough to prevent your mind from picking up every filler word.

4. Using the left hand

Circling back to the pacer technique, using the left hand may be the best pacer to use. Specifically, you should use the left index finger. Kwik points to the left hand instead of the right because your left hand activates the right side of your brain. By doing this, you will also activate your entire brain, picking up information more efficiently.



Reading is an integral part of our everyday lives. We can’t escape it, which means we must learn how to read more efficiently. Over time, you can hone your reading speed, focus, comprehension, and information retention by using simple methods that the Super Reading program has mastered.