Ways to Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary

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While reading is one of the most common ways to expand one’s vocabulary, not every child learns words the same way and some may prefer learning with visual mediums or activities. Try helping your child develop their love for learning new words through different ways like these:


1. Tell A Story


A great way to boost your child’s vocabulary is to allow your child to narrate their own story and introduce new ideas. Have mini storytelling sessions and let them describe the place or story. You may help them by prompting them questions about the setting and characters, and let their imagination run wild. For example, when your child describes a place, you may ask details like “are there four seasons” or “what’s nearby” to help them expand their story.


2. Talk to Your Child


Create conversations with your child. You may ask how their day went and discuss the details with them, or discuss one of their favourite topics, be it games, sports, or television shows. Now and then, it’s helpful to introduce advanced vocabulary in these discussions, and encouraging your child to ask whenever they do not understand a word so that you can explain the meaning in simple terms. Sometimes, your child may also learn the new word subconsciously as they will associate its meaning to the topic you discussed.


3. Label Household Items


This is particularly useful to help younger kids learn about the daily household items they see or use at home. Labelling the household items will help them in memorizing the spelling and also identify the use of the item.


4. Listen to Your Child


Sometimes, your child may pick up new words in school or from your past conversations. Listen when your child speaks and identify new words in their vocabulary as they grow, and help them understand the meaning of the words further by explaining the definition and giving them more examples of how and when the word can be used. Also, if they do mispronounce or misuse a word, acknowledge their effort in trying to use a new word, then correct their mistakes gently.


5. Play Word Games


Word Games like Scrabble, crossword, charades are great examples of word games that you can play with your child to introduce new words to them. Start with simple words, and slowly increase the difficulty level. If you are not opposed your child using the smartphone or tablet, there are plenty of word games or apps that you can download to let them play in their free time! 6. Engaging an English Tutor


The most effective way to learn a language and new words is to let your child practise. Engaging an English Tutor will not only allow your child to have someone to practise the above tips with them, but the English Tutor can also keep track of your child’s progress and introduce new vocabulary in their home tuition or assignments to help them learn better.