Take Your Home Tutoring Service to the Next Level

by Larisa Wong (9851 views)
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Not only can tutoring be a great deal of fun, but you get to play an active role in the development of a student. Whether referring to primary school, entry-level examinations or university-grade specialities, the fact of the matter is that you will have a very real impact upon someone's life. Are you looking to enhance the current scope of your operations? Have you been thinking about purchasing a dedicated website? In order to know how to start a store online, there are a few key concepts to appreciate and a handful of steps to take. Let's take a look at the basic process so that you begin with a solid foundation. 


The Basic Nuts and Bolts of a Website 


Congratulations on taking the first step towards a more lucrative professional career! Once you have developed the basic concept of your site, you will need to think of a domain name. This name should be easily recognisable while still mirroring the intentions of your tutoring business. 


After the domain name has been registered through the proper channels, the real work can begin. One of the main areas that you should focus on (besides the written content of the site) is your e-commerce platform. This is essentially the section associated with client engagement and sales. In the past, tackling such a challenge would be difficult unless you were already familiar with coding and similar technical issues. This has all changed thanks to the presence of the effective e-commerce solutions offered by Shopify. All templates are easy to work with and perhaps more importantly, they can be immediately coordinated with different portals such as a blog or a social media page. The bottom line is that you will have a quick and centralised means to access all of the most important operations within your site. As this is just a quick overview, it is always a good idea to check out their official page for more details. 


Increasing Your Initial Momentum 


Simply owning a dedicated URL does not signify that students will magically begin pouring in. You must play an active role in the development of the site. You should regularly update its content in order to maintain the interest if your visitors. It is important to update your posts across all channels. Search engines such as Google look favourably upon such actions and they will often result in higher rankings. Some other sound advice includes (but is not always limited to): 


•           Identify the most relevant keywords and include them within your SEO practices.

•           Include graphics when possible. These tend to attract more visitors.

•           Monitor which pages appear to be the most popular.

•           Offer visitors a quick contact form as opposed to an email address alone.

•           Make sure that the website will display correctly on mobile devices.


Please keep in mind that this article is meant to provide you with nothing more than a quick overview. Always research each point more thoroughly if you hope to enjoy sustainable success as a tutor.