Pros and Cons of Private Tuition

by James Tang (11668 views)
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It’s not many countries that have this practice of private tuition and Singapore just happens to be one of them. But will going for private tuition really make a difference at the end of the day when it comes down to examination results? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of private tuition and the impact they may have on your child!


Pros / Positive Impacts


Specialised Attention


It’s true that not everyone will be given the same amount of attention in class, especially for kids who may be faster or slower than their peers. With that being said, having a private tutor, in this case, would not only accelerate the learning for your kid, but the specialized attention will give your child a huge boost in his or her studies.


Customizable Lessons


Learning is not always the easiest thing so customisable lessons are not only ideal but can provide a more enriching education for your child. Not only does private tuition allow the lessons to be adjusted to the learning pace of a student, but they can include more interesting materials for your child’s learning. It is true that the formal education route may not always have the most interesting or apt examples for your kid, and thus a private tuition will take care of that for your child.


Flexible Schedules


Learning should always take place in the comfort of one’s schedules and your child may not be fully involved in his lessons due to various reasons. By having private tuition, he or she is free to choose the timing that is the most productive for their learning, in turn maximizing their learning capabilities.

Cons / Negative Impacts




Private tuition may not be as cheap as having a group tuition or having no tuition at all, and that can really put a dent in your pockets. With that being said, tuition in itself shouldn’t be seen as a sunk cost after being spent, but rather as a worthy investment in the long run. In addition to that, tuition agencies in Singapore are able to find the perfect mix between experience and cost so it shouldn’t really be a worry for you.


Extra Stress


Although this may not seem like much, kids may not know how to deal with stress like adults do. Instead of helping them, private tuition could really be driving their stress levels up and cause their learning to take a hit. Always check with your kid and see if their schedule is reasonable before attempting to hire more private tutors for them.


Lack of Incentive to Self-Learn


When tuitions are involuntarily brought upon onto a child, they start to lose out on their independence and incentive to chase knowledge. This lack of curiosity will eventually be their downfall when they pursue their further studies in the future because of the constant spoon feeding. As such, an over-reliance on private tuition is definitely a bad thing and shouldn’t be encouraged. The perfect time for private tuition would be when a child is old enough to actually know that they need help and willingly requests for it to aid in their studies.