Personal Development 

by James Tang (3515 views)
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For those who’ve yet to figure out the meaning of life, here’s a small piece of advice for you: Life is a journey and everything has to be discovered one way or another. Learning and development continue throughout your entire existence and that does not apply merely to your academics. You’d have to juggle between what makes you happy in life and what is required to continue living comfortably and in your own standards. So here are five advices on how to truly get the best out of life through continued personal development.

#5 Read Widely Every Day in Your Spare Time

We all need a mentor at every single point in our life, be it when we’re little and as we grow up and start working in the corporate world. The point is, mentors are not meant to remain stagnant over the years but are constantly changing throughout different points in your life. Not only that, but they may come in different forms, not necessarily as a human that has much more experience than you. Books are the perfect mentor for everyone because not only do they possess huge amounts of knowledge, but they are stored physically meaning you can refer to them every once in a while to refresh your knowledge. Set aside spare time every day to read something that is pertinent to your current lifestyle, be it trying to become a boss of your own company, or improving your social skills.

#4 Exercises

They say that without exercise, your body is not fully functioning at its optimal capacity. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers back in ancient time and that is how we have evolved in our current state. Sitting for 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen will kill our body, both physically and mentally without you even realising it. Start incorporating an exercise regimen in your daily lifestyle, be it through sports or normal weight lifting. You’ll not only be bestowed with more energy, but your sedentary lifestyle will be kept at bay and other health benefits will help increase your longevity.

#3 Watching Constructive Videos

If you’re not a fan of reading, then perhaps watching videos is right up your lane. Videos can come in many different forms, ranging from documentaries to movies. Try to divide your attention between those junk shows that offer no improvement in your life to documentaries that may increase your insight to the world. In addition, try to appreciate movies for their cinematography instead of just watching for the plot.

#2 Take an Online Course

Every now and then, we find ourselves interested in an entirely new topic which we’ve never touched before. This could be programming, engineering or other subjects. The internet is our friend when it comes to this, with tonnes of open source projects for us to attempt. Don’t be afraid to sign up for such courses and actively learn these subjects.

#1 Travel Alone

If you haven’t figured out what to do in life as of now, then travelling alone will be sure to give you some new insights. Sometimes, it’s getting confined in an environment so similar to life that takes a toll on your mind and travelling alone will open you up to new cultures, practices and even friends.