Is Your Child Losing Out By Not Competing?

by James Tang (4224 views)
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In Singapore where competition for anything and everything is rife, you will start finding more parents, especially from the newer generation opting to keep their children out from any undue competition. Not only is competition forbidden, but parents treat it like some sort of taboo, something that kids will not benefit from. But have you considered if kids being shielded from the competition is a bad thing as per se? Perhaps your child will be losing out if he or she is being shielded from competition. Today, we will take a look at some of the reasons why early exposure to competition for your child isn’t really a bad thing and could potentially benefit them in the future.

Competition is best kept for events such as a sports competition or say a science competition, one that may help bolster the confidence, skills and intellectual abilities of your child. This as what one would say is called healthy competition and really inspires your kid to their very best and not merely enough for them to warrant a pass. It’s all part of the process of promoting curiosity, hard work and independent learning, something that formal education doesn’t go much into. Another point for competition in kids is that it teaches them that failure is always an option regardless of what they attempt. Even now, many adults are having problems coping with failure or accepting the fact that it does happen, and it will be the eventual downfall of these people. When kids learn at an early age that disappointment will and can happen, it helps them to further develop emotions and skills such as empathy. 

Aside from that, the competition gives your child an opportunity to learn some important social skills that will otherwise not be taught. It teaches them to be aware of their own performance and that winning will not always be the solution to all problems. Sportsmanship for one is something that can only be taught through active competition and win or lose, kids will always be better off being exposed to some form of competition in their childhood. Now, if you’re still against exposing your child to the harsh reality of the world, consider this: What good has ever come out of allowing your child to be shielded from the hardships of the world? It is precisely this reason that the new generation is being termed “strawberries” because they bruise so very easily under pressure. This will continue being a problem unless adequately addressed and this starts with a generation of parenting. 

If possible, get your child to participate in activities like chess clubs or a music competition and even competitive sports. There will always be some form of competition in any hobby that your child has and hooking them up with competitions will ensure that they improve at a much faster rate while learning valuable skills. Be on the lookout, however, for unhealthy competition traits that may develop in your child during the process and talk to him about the consequences of it.