How tutoring can save your child's time with homework in future

by Joshua Robinson (9764 views)
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Few think about the fact that private tutoring is a very ancient practice. Every philosophy student knows that Socrates was the tutor of Plato, who in turn taught Aristotle, and Aristotle was the teacher of the young Alexander of Macedon. For many centuries, tutoring has been the most effective way to support the child's education, attracting not only an academic specialist, but also a mentor and role model in one person.


Nowadays tutoring is also widely applied, as well as two thousand years ago. About a quarter of UK children study with mentors at different stages of their education. Majority of kids use tutoring services on the eve of important tests or applications and examinations to schools and universities. But a lot of parents doubt tutoring can help kids learn faster and achieve success at school. If you hesitate to get a mentor for your kid, this article is for you.

Individual approach is possible with mentor


Individual approach to kids at school is an impossible challenge. Therefore, if teaching methods do not correspond to the kid’s speed of learning the material, if the reading and writing skills develop too slowly - the school is unlikely to be able to help with homework or such problems. Even the most capable pupils can start lagging behind. The only way out is to get an individual teacher. A qualified specialist can identify the problem, build learning routine in a short time, fill in existing gaps and prevent the creation of new ones.

How to understand that your child began to lag behind in class? If the teacher has already reported several times that school work was not performed or delivered in time, or the child began to complain about difficulties with apprehending the material, discuss the situation with your kid. Additional support can help solve the problem.  

Tutoring will ensure successful admission

Another main reason for attracting a mentor is to prepare the student for admission tests, exams, and interviews for top schools and universities. To beat the competitors and get admission in an academic institution, it is not enough to be just a smart and prominent student. An essential part of a successful application is the understanding of "examination techniques". An applicant has to possess necessary skills to apply all the knowledge in completing tasks wisely.

An experienced teacher has hundreds or even thousands of hours of training with such applicants – he or she will arm your child with a set of techniques and methods that will help save time and get additional points, providing answers that meet the most exacting expectations of the admissions committee.

Tutor can be supportive friend


A tutor is not just a teacher who dictates rules or solves problems along with your child, it is a person who understands all the issues that your child is facing. A good tutor knows a lot about time management, discipline and the importance of a positive attitude. A friendly mentor who sincerely cares about the success of your son or daughter, will always support with advice or an encouraging story, teach your kid some useful tricks. In the person of such a teacher, the child will receive a friend and mentor who will speak with the kid in one language.

Help raise the academic interests of your offspring

If your kid wants to study the subject thoroughly, the tutor is the person who can help by properly guiding the child. For example, your son or daughter shows an interest in physics and astronomy - why not hire a teacher of astrophysics, who will help kid delve into the most exciting topics? If you see such desire to study a particular subject, encourage and inspire your offspring to aspire for more. Perhaps, with the assistance of a mentor, you will raise the next Nobel laureate or Pulitzer Prize winner.

Joshua Robinson who works for is a writer and experienced educator. While studying in university, Joshua decided to work with young generation. Since that moment, he has helped thousands of students to overcome their fears and improve the academic performance. Joshua’s favorite saying is “If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!”. Not surprisingly, this man keeps giving helpful advice and inspiring his colleagues every day.