How to Get Children to Read This School Holidays

by James Tang (7190 views)
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It’s the time of the year again where the holidays are fast approaching and that means more time for your children to indulge in fun and enjoyment. However, this could be a perfect opportunity for them to pick up the habit of reading and set them ahead for a future full of knowledge. It’s not uncommon to see children avoiding books because they are so conditioned to hate reading. Think of all the times when they are really opposed to reading — textbooks, dictionary, instructions. But case in point, it is the duty of parents to encourage reading in children and show them that reading can actually be a really fun thing to do. Without further ado, here are some ways of enticing your child with some great books today!



Now if you realise that your child is an auditory learner or someone who enjoys listening to people talk, then giving them the option of audiobooks can be an excellent way to pique their interest. Not only will you be able to introduce to them the endless possibilities of learning, but you have to solidify the fact that reading is the key to knowledge. Of course, if your child would much rather listen than read, then it would be encouraged to at least try to convince them that reading is a whole different experience. Allow them to mingle between the two options, but never to limit themselves to one.



To counteract their beliefs of books being boring, you could introduce them to movie adaptions of books. There are tons of great movies out there like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit and even Lord of the Rings. All you need to do is introduce them to the possibilities that books are actually fun, before telling them that the movies were only made because of the books. Their curiosity would eventually get the better of them and they’ll start reading in no time.


Video Games

If your child is one that never sits still and always craves for high involvement activities like gaming, then letting them explore a story based video game could be in your best interest. Video games are interactive, unlike books and can serve as a starting point in piquing a child’s interest. Because most video games that follow an original story is not complete, you can always get your child to read them in order to slowly cultivate their interest.



Finally, in the age of technology, it is not hard to find kids more interested in anything digital. Thus, you can introduce them to eBooks and the very technology of it will be enough to get them excited. Start by loading the eBooks with basic genres that kids enjoy such as sci-fi and fantasy, before letting them find a book which they like. One way or the other, eBooks not only look “cool” in the eyes of children but can be cheaper for you as a parent in the long run!