How Steve Job Achieved Success In His Life

by James Tang (1192 views)
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What Make Him Who He Was

Steve Jobs was not always the successful man that the media made him out to be. Although he had a brilliant mind, he couldn’t always function normally with his environment and wasn’t the easiest person to get along with. However, what made him successful was not merely his intellect; Job’s tenacity and cunning brought him to levels no one could have imagined.

Before Jobs succeeded, he had to encounter failure on many levels. Back in 1976, Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak founded the Apple Computer in the humble garage of Job’s family. Soon after, Jobs began to experience some minor success in the field of technology with the Apple Computer starting to sell and being one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer.

Why He Succeeded

Of course, with every success, comes a failure. When the Macintosh was first released, Jobs took a break or in his own words “got fired” when the visions of the future of his company started to diverge from his board members. Then, it was revealed that former Apple CEO John Sculley had took Jobs off the Macintosh project which essentially saw the loss of Jobs.

But it was only then that Steve Jobs really started paving his way to success and was one of the most crucial moments in his life that made him who he was today. Jobs was alone again, back to being a beginner and unsure about the world around him. It was only in this solitude that it ultimately allowed Jobs to begin one of his most creative periods in his life.

Three Personality Traits That You Can Learn from Steve Jobs

Soon after, Steve Jobs would go on to found another company and return to Apple with it, once again heading the company he so painstakingly built in his younger days. Apple blossomed and became what it was today until Steve Job so tragically died back in 2011 from Pancreatic Cancer. What we could do however, is learn some of the best 3 personality traits that Steve Jobs possessed and integrate it into our lives.


Getting fired and being rehired by a company which you created sure sounds like a big deal, and not one that can be done easily. Not only did Jobs have the tenacity to push through those tough times, he had the heart and humility to return to a company that essentially betrayed him. If there’s one thing that you have to take away from Jobs, this is it.


Not only was Steve Jobs confident in his products, he was confident of how his vision would take off in the future. In fact, his aura of confidence not only fuelled his passion, it made the people around him believe in his vision. This charisma that he had was infectious and ultimately pushed his employees to work to their best abilities.


Steve Jobs was ambitious no doubt and it could be attributed to his confidence. What was clear however, was that his ambitions were accurate and precise, something that could be followed through despite the obstacles he may encounter. Plan early and plan smart, that is the key to success.