How A Teacher Can Facilitate Dream Setting

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Corporate professionals hold an activity called goal setting wherein goals for a department or service unit are set usually on an annual basis. The goal setting outlines activities that will be done to support the business and achieve results. In the academe, such activity can help young learners develop a sense of direction. A teacher can tweak goal setting and make it dream setting. This way, it becomes less business-like and more fun. Dreams, like wishes, are free for everyone to have. They convey hope and optimism. A student who dreams envisions the realisation of his fondest aspirations and most ardent desires. Dreams make everyone smile. Dreams inspire people to pursue good and worthy causes which they have in their hearts to do.

A Teacher Welcomes Dreamers

Not that sleeping during class hours is allowed, but that the teacher encourages her student to dream and channels this dream into academic pursuit. In dream setting, the teacher encourages the student to see the realisation of her dream in the perspective of realising her academic pursuits. Some students dream to become pilots. Others, doctors. Still others dream to become artists. A teacher would pay good attention to these dreams and try to personalise her approach to the student's learning so that she is able to equip them with learning, skills, and intelligence necessary in making the dream come true. In tandem with parents, teachers should not only affirm the dreams, but also direct the path towards the fulfilment of these dreams. They can challenge the student that for him to achieve the dream, he must take to serious study and devote his time learning the most he can. To help your student focus on their dream, teachers can facilitate visualisation. It is said that when a person sees a visual of things he wants to achieve, he is more likely to achieve it than a person who does not have a visual. Teachers can help students prepare their visuals and guide them to the right path to take to realise these dreams. Read The Value of Good Teachers View more articles