The Value of Good Teachers

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In many ways, the words "teacher" and "nurturer" have become interchangeable. This is rightly so. Teachers are nurturers of the student's spirit and passion for learning. Many times, students who demonstrate difficulty in learning just happen to have bad experiences that stifle their desire to attempt learning. A teacher can inspire a discouraged student.

A Teacher Harnesses The Student's Unique Intelligence

Teachers believe that not one student is born mediocre or dumb. Instead, students are just born with peculiar intelligences. Some have a knack for numbers, others, words. Some can naturally make beautiful music, others build machines. Teachers take the students to the never-ending journey of learning and discovery, believing that there is no limit as to how we can increase our intelligence throughout our lives despite our physical obstacles. Hellen Keller, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and the list can go on and on. These are just some of the world's greatest men and women, who, unfortunately, grew up being labelled as incompetent and dumb. Imagine how much indebted the world is to their patient and persevering teachers. Indeed, success in learning comes with perseverance, good study habits, and an encouraging teacher.

A Teacher Helps Students Develop Good Study Habits

Teachers teach students to study. The basics of learning can be attributed to the simple and crucial development of good study habits. Teachers provide students routines and guides them into abiding by these until they have the mastery and dedication to study their lessons devotedly. Good study habits make it easier for high school students to ace college admission tests. Good study habits make college students pass assessment tests. Good study habits make professionals advance to their next academic pursuits. Good study habits affect people throughout their lives. Good teachers, in tandem with good parents, help establish a firm educational foundation for children. And good children who are good students make for good adults, who in turn make the world a better place. How grateful we are for good teachers! Read about The benefits of education View more articles