Home Tuition in Singapore – A second overview

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The Background

Back then in 2009 we had written about tuition – an overview in Singapore. According to the department of statistics, the tuition industry was worth about $820 million. Fast forward to the end of 2014, our tuition industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars. In between October 2012 to September 2013, a polled on more than 11,000 households in Singapore, the average spending on tuition is $79.90.

Tuition Centres

Tuition Centres have become a lucrative business when in 2008 it was about 500 centres and ow it stands at a staggering number of 850 centres, it could be more since the survey was done in 2014.

Home Tuition in Singapore

There is no accurate way to track the total numbers of private tutors in Singapore. One thing is for sure is that the tuition fee had definitely gone up. The minimum hourly rate for an undergraduate is $25 dollars.

Is tuition necessary?

I guess parents really do feel the necessity for tuition else the tuition industry wouldn’t have been worth $1.1 billion dollars. The Government is trying to discourage us with baby steps, for example, the changing of PSLE scoring system into a grading system. Will it be successful in time is still unpredictable due to the parent’s mind-set? As long as we believe that grades play a part in getting into a local University which in turn affect the type of job the children is going to get. Pursue of academic excellence will never stop. Bringing up of children should be done with a holistic approach, let us not forget about sports and personal development. The kind of trait which could be necessary for surviving and thriving in a City like Singapore, you could read more about performance character to find more.