Get Your Sh!t Together

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How many times have you told yourself that you were going to get your sh!t together – but ended up procrastinating and then whining to your friends about it over the phone?


If you identify with the above scenario, or basically feel like your sh!t is all over the place, then you should get a copy of Get Your Sh!t Together by Ruth Field from Book Depository. After all, there’s no better time than now to take action and start gaining control of your life.


From explaining why to-do lists prevent you from being productive to showing the importance of being in action, Field is that inner voice we sometimes drown out when we choose to procrastinate or make excuses. Thankfully, her words would be in front of you when you’re reading this book and navigating through her no-nonsense guide to getting your sh!t together.


Her simple advice of clearing things “a shelf at a time” – both literally and figuratively – would not only teach you to declutter your house without feeling overwhelmed, but also show you that it is possible to tackle life bit by bit. The best part? You would also be able to embrace imperfection because you would learn to laugh at yourself along the way and stop letting those negative feelings take control.

As a mother of twins, Field also touches on some struggles she has faced during parenthood and offers advice on how to overcome obstacles when things get overwhelming. (Spoiler alert: one way is by not letting your feelings dictate your actions)


Although most of her advice is simple, it would motivate you to get off your couch and take action. Yes, even though it’s super tempting to binge watch your favourite drama for the next 5 hours, her book will convince you otherwise.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re in need of a reminder that your life is ultimately yours to run, or if you’re searching for the courage to go after what you want in life – Ruth Field would be that honest friend who would give you a much needed wakeup call.


So tell us, are you ready for some tough love? Get your sh!t together by being in action and making every moment of your life count!