Cool Science Videos for Tuition #3

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Pouring lava on ice; enhancing sports performance more effectively than with drug abuse; showing off the alien that lives in your chest with the coolest t-shirt on earth. Let your imagination run wild as innovators around the world meld creativity with Science.

1. Physics/Computing: Augmented Reality T-Shirt

The world's coolest t-shirt ever, made possible with app programming and a healthy dose of imagination. The free iOS version of the app can be found here, while the Android app can be found here.

2. Computing/Media: Microsoft Kinectre Lets you Animate Chairs and Zombies

Ever wanted to animate a zombie or make your boring household items spring into life? A major discovery for film making has occurred in the Kinect team and the standard of animations could explode in the next few years. Kudos to the Microsoft team for finding another way of using its Kinect camera.

3. Sports Science/Biology: Stanford Researchers' Cooling Glove Boosts Exercise Recovery

Stanford Biologists Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn may have found a device which dramatically improves performance; more than performance-enhancing drugs. Excessive body heat generated in the course of exercise lowers sustained performance. Through the rapid removal of the excess heat the body is able to function more efficiently.

4. Biology / Medical Science: Hugbot

Hugbot, the robotic polar bear, checks your pulse when you hug it for 6 seconds. It is meant to make pulse checking a beary friendly (forgive the lousy pun), quick and automated process.

5. Physics/Chemistry: Ice + Lava = ?

Ever wondered what happens when lava is added to ice? 610 pounds (or 276kg) of this hot stuff was used in the experiment conducted by Syracuse University. Stone bubbles appear in a jiffy. Share your interesting science video links with us at our Facebook page. View Cool science videos for tuition #1