Book Depository: A One Stop Site For All The Knowledge You Would Ever Need

by James Tang (10477 views)
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Book depository, your one stop site for all the knowledge you would ever need in this world. Not only is this online bookseller not based in Singapore, but the very fact that it offers free worldwide shipping with all its huge catalogue of books is truly an impressive feat. Based in the United Kingdoms, Book Depository was first established by a former Amazon employee.

It claims itself to be the world’s leading specialist online bookstore, offering more than 17 million titles at some of the lowest prices available. Adding to that is the fact that these titles include the most popular selection of books around the world, and newer titles are almost released immediately after their launch day. Now if this doesn’t seal the deal for you, then free shipping most definitely would. Gone are the days that you would have to head down to a bookstore like Kinokuniya to queue for your favourite books. Instead, these books will be sent to your doorstep at your nearest convenience.

For readers that are from the overseas, fret not! Book depository has fulfilment centres all around the world in both UK and Australia. With more than a million customers around the world that can attest to the efficiency and reputation of this online conglomerate, it is not surprising that book depository is one of the most popular sites to purchase hard copy books from. In fact, this site was so popular that it was acquired by Amazon in 2011 and functions as the other sector that offers physical hardcopy books.

With its motto of “All Books Available to All”, Book depository aims to have the largest variety of books offered in the world. As they put it, Book Depository aims to have a large breath of titles available in their online shop, ranging from the most popular to even titles that people have not heard off. This is their goal and is highly admirable, as opposed to selling only books that are mainstream and popular. It is important to keep information and knowledge available in today’s age, and even more imperative to ensure that hardcopy information is not loss in the digital world. Book Depository accomplishes this and it has been their aim since their inception in 2004.

Even more impressive is that Book Depository offers books that are the price in multiple currencies around the world. This means that there is no need for an intermediate currency exchange system which will incur more cost for the buyer at the end of the day. Ranging from Singapore Dollars to Hong Kong Dollars and even South African Rand, Book Depository is indeed the one-stop site for all knowledge available.

In the digital age where books are increasingly becoming digitalized and paperback copies are dwindling in quantity, it is ever so imperative to ensure that this tradition will not be lost with time. If you have the time, consider giving Book Depository a go and grab a couple of books that may interest you. With their plethora of titles available, it will not be hard to find one that suits your needs.