Benefits of Studying Abroad

by James Tang (5253 views)
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If you’re still pondering on whether or not to accept your university placing abroad, perhaps reading this article will help you to make up your mind on one of the most important decisions you have to make in your life. Studying abroad is not an easy task altogether. With things like cultural shock, having to make new friends, throwing yourself in an unfamiliar environment and most importantly being away from family, things are not as simple as it looks.

A Better Education System

That aside, if you’re choosing to study abroad because you’ve managed to place yourself in a better school such as in the Ivy league or a school that is probably the best in a particular field of your interest, then, by all means, that itself is considered a HUGE benefit of studying abroad. Not only will your experience there be more fulfilling, there is probably a reason why that particular Institute you’ve landed yourself in is the best. The learning styles there will definitely be different as compared to here in Singapore, and you’ll, of course, be competing and learning beside the greatest minds in the world.

Personal Development

You’ve probably heard the saying that a tree growing up in a harsh environment would grow up to become a much stronger tree. Well, that applies to humans as well and the ages of 18 to 25 are the transition period to adulthood where our minds will mature, learn and ultimately define who we are in the later ages. Studying abroad is akin to venturing out into the world alone, with no one you know besides you to guide your way. Not only will you have to learn confidence, but independence, a wider view of the world as well as stronger relationships with your peers will be forged. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t have all of those things here in Singapore, but you’ll most probably have to push yourself out of your comfort zone as opposed to being thrown out there when you’re abroad.

Cultural Broadening

A new country means exposing yourself to new cultures and adapting to them. True, Singapore may be a multicultural society, but experiencing it yourself while overseas will open your eyes to a whole new experience. The experience in itself is bound to make you question yourself, your habits and preconceptions that you had so deeply ingrained inside of you that you didn’t even realize before. It is important to note that many great leaders and diplomats have all studied abroad and they define that as the turning point in their lives where their perception changed.

Career Opportunities

Lastly, studying abroad means having a much wider scope of career opportunities available for you and that is by no means something to take lightly. You get not only to intern overseas but potentially secure yourself a future in the country you’re studying in! That’s great news if you wish to work overseas and eventually settle down outside of Singapore!