6 keys to learn anything faster BE FAST by Jim Kwik

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Believe – Believe you can or you can’t, either way, you are right. Maintain a positive attitude in your own abilities to achieve what you set forth.

Exercise – Regular exercises releases endorphins that help one concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand.

Forget – Forget whatever you have learned previously on the subject, keep an open mind and re-learn something all over again. You could discover new information on the subject which one might have missed previously.

Active – Being active during the learning process, learning is not a spectator sport. It requires your participation and engagement. Scribble down notes or even ask questions during the lecture.

State – All learning is state-dependent. We remember certain memories when certain songs are being played, it either remind us of a person or a place we have been before. The emotional attachment that relates to the memories. Information when combine with emotion becomes a long-term memory.

Teach – When one understands the subject, one will be able to pass on the knowledge in a layman term to another person. If one is able to do that one has truly understand the concept behind the subject. In order to teach another one must be well verse in the subject.

We hope you will be able to put these to the test and decide if it did help you in your learning journey. You can always hire a competent tutor with us to improve your children’s knowledge.