4 Things to Consider While Selecting an Online Course

by James Tang (8636 views)
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With the government in Singapore enabling the nation to take self-learning into their own hands, SkillsFuture has seen great success, especially in the workforce. $500 may not be a lot of money to spend on education, but the amount is sufficient nonetheless if you’re passionate about learning. Without a doubt, everyone does have to be a little nit-picky when it comes to spending the $500, so we’ll be going through some of the ways to select the perfect online course for yourself!


Whether the Skills Will Help To Boost Your Primary Career?

If you’re already in the workforce and hungry to improve yourself, then the SkillsFuture can be perfect to provide you with a stepping stone to advancing your career. With tonnes of courses, online that can be added on to your repertoire, having that extra skill could be the one factor that helps you do your job better. For example, an accountant that has just started out can opt for courses involving financial management and audit, without worrying about wasting monetary resources.


Whether the Skill Can Be Acquired Via Free Online Courses?

Finding courses for a large variety of subjects can be easy to do, but this may not necessarily be worth your credits. There are in fact many online platforms on the internet such as the MIT Open Courseware and Coursera which provide lots of free information regarding subjects you may be interested in. Should you be able to learn something from these websites such as introduction to coding, then there is no need to use your SkillsFuture credits to attend classes.  The SkillsFuture credits will not expire so there are no worries keeping it for use in the future.


If the New Skill Learnt Is a Passion of Yours

Everyone has a passion deep down in them, and perhaps that passion may be uncovered only later on in your life. With SkillsFuture, you will be able to act on this passion of yours, taking learning into your own hands! The credits are given by the government to empower yourselves, and this is one of the best ways to utilise the credits responsibly. Who knows, you may even gain enough traction from the initial classes and plunge right into that passion of yours, leading to a change in direction in your career!


Whether the Skill is Useful in Your Daily Life

Finally, not everyone in the workforce is up to date with the times and technology being used around us. The elderly in particular, as well as people that aren't in touch with technology, may find themselves getting increasingly out of touch with the latest technologies being used. As Singapore continues to grow towards the objective of becoming a smart city, change will become inevitable and many Singaporeans will find themselves lost. SkillsFuture can be a useful avenue to get yourself acclimated to the change that is soon to come with the various courses guiding you through.


In conclusion, it really depends on what your priority in life is at the moment to decide what you want to do with the SkillsFuture credits. Following these rough guidelines will without a doubt land you a skill worth learning and there will be periodic top ups by the government so don’t worry too much about it. Just remember to never stop learning!