3 Things To Look Out For In A Good Tutor

by Valerie Foo (12950 views)
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With so many tutors around these days, there’s no doubt that parents have many options when it comes to choosing a tutor for their kids. However, having a good tutor can truly be a game changer when it comes to your child’s ability to grasp concepts and understand what’s being taught in school.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a tutor or are evaluating your current one – here are 3 Things To Look Out For In A Good Tutor.

  1. The necessary qualifications to teach

Before selecting your tutor, it’s best to identify what your specific requirements are, be it an ‘A’ Level cert or 5 years of tutoring experience. After all, you’ll be entrusting your child’s learning and development to the tutor – so it is important to place him or her in good hands.

At Ace Tutors, we strongly believe that every tutor must be qualified to teach their chosen subject and should at the very least have an ‘O’ Level cert. By having a large pool of tutors, we will then be able to match you with the one that best suits your child’s specific needs.

  1. The ability to explain concepts within the school syllabus

Some tutors tend to go off-track and end up confusing the kid further when they teach them things that are not in the school syllabus. However, it is crucial for tutors to stick to the school syllabus. By doing so, they would then help the kids to gain a better understanding of what’s in their textbooks and also be able to finish their homework without struggling.

  1. The commitment to help your kid to improve

The difference between a tutor who is passionate to teach and his less enthusiastic counterpart is the level of engagement and motivation your child would get. Hence, it is best to get a tutor who understands your child’s needs and is willing to adapt accordingly when developing a teaching plan. By being encouraging and having open communication, the tutor would then be able to work on the areas of weakness and help your kid to get better results.