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Saw Jie En Joseph (14833)

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Tuition Areas [...]
Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Jurong East, Yew Tee
Tuition Background
Tuition/Teaching Experience
Have been giving tuition ever since during my JC years all through University, for a total of 8 years (part time). After graduating from University, I stopped giving tuition as I tackled the corporate world. Just recently, I have come out of the corporate world to start on my own projects. Being self-employed, I am now also giving tuition as I have missed the joys of teaching. Have been teaching both primary and secondary students, both local as well as international.

WJ - Had been failing P5/6 Math or achieving just a borderline pass because of his weakness in Paper 2 (problem sums). After just months of teaching, has been showing improvements in handling problem sums and achieving 60 - 70.
CD - International dyslexic student. Was promoted from moderate to advance class in school.
Education [...]
  • SIM-UOL (2006-2009) Verified
    • BSc Business - 2nd
  • St. Joseph's Institution (1998-2001) Verified
    • English - A2
    • Chinese - A2
    • Geography - A2
    • History - A1
    • E Math - A1
    • A Math - B3
    • Physics - B3
    • Chemistry - B3
Tutoring Subjects
  • Primary level - English Higher Maths Mathematics Science 
  • Lower secondary level - English Geography History Mathematics 
  • Upper secondary level - E Maths English Geography History 
Commitment / Other Details
Will be able to commit for as long as the student's requirement, unless special circumstances come into play.
Rapport Building
As a writer and webcomic creator myself, I highly encourage communication through speech, actions and thoughts. I am a hands on teacher who would rather craft out assignments on my own for the students than depending on assessment books. Assessment books will still be bought accordingly to cater to the student's needs as well as to be used for homework. However, in class, I will craft out my own assignments that have been tested and completed by my other students which they have greatly enjoyed and profited from.

I talk a lot during lessons to encourage the students to talk as well. Do not be surprise if I encourage the students to tell me about their day, their favorite pastimes...etc, especially for qualitative subjects, as this helps them to coordinate their thoughts and verbal actions better, which in turn would help them to write better. This can also be useful for Math, for through discussions, the students would be better able to understand the question through thought processes.

If parents are home most of the time, I will frequently update them on the student's progess at the end of the lesson. I will also encourage them to sit down during my lesson to have a chat and at the same time, invite them to watch and understand how their children work out their assignments. Through this, parents will be better able to understand where their children's weaknesses and strengths are.
Keeping Up with Curriculum
I am constantly reading up on the curriculum based on MOE's annual updates as well as the minut differences amongst the schools (as much as I can).

I also collect various test papers to understand what are the lesson plans rolled out by the various schools during each term or semester.

With family members that are teachers as well, I hold discussions with them to understand better the curriculum as well. These keeps me more than able to handle different students under my wing.
As a Good Tutor
A tutor has to be firm, particularly if the students are showing weaknesses or disinterest. However, a tutor shouldn't be another classroom teacher for that defeats the purpose of classroom learning in schools.

A tutor has to be a teacher as well as a friend, in order to let the students trust him enough to open up. Only by opening up can a tutor try to understand better where the student is coming from and why is he falling in those particular areas.

Personally, for me as a tutor, I would want my students to think and act creatively, while engaging me in conversations. That surely makes a tuition lesson interesting and slowly pull a weak student into liking the subject and growing with it, thus leading him to excellency.
Accept Below Average Rate?
Handle Special Needs Children?
Yes, able to handle special needs children
Parent/Student Comments
I like the way the tutor planned the lesson to teach my child the language. The focus should not be academic but the basics of the language, which the tutor did very well in.

Ms Saw
Assignments Taken
  • Primary 5 English tuition - Apr 18
  • Primary 3 English tuition - Apr 18
  • Primary 6 Mathematics tuition - Jan 18