Why Is Society So Superficial?

by James Tang (19967 views)
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Superficiality in society has long been deemed a problem for many in this day and age, particularly after the inception of media and the internet. We get to hear people complaining about the interactions with others being insincere or even non-existent, focus on material wealth, placing excessive judgement over physical appearances and an increased focus on things that do not really matter in life. Society has evolved over the years, and unfortunately not into something benevolent. So why exactly is a society so superficial and is there anything that can truly be done with regards to it?

It first started with the advent of the internet, where information could be passed around globally in a short span of time. This tool allowed us to form interactions with others around the world that seemingly mattered, which could, in reality, be destroyed or broken in an instance. This could very well be the root of the problem, with superficiality being set up as a protection of our best self-interest.

Furthering the effects of the internet is the creation of smartphones and applications, a phenomenon that further escalated the ease of information and access to others. People now begin to stay tethered to their electronic devices, with the ability to connect to information in an instant, anywhere, anytime.  The thing is all these information, although they do stimulate the brain, don’t do anything to fix your reserve of emotions. You may be mentally stimulated, but deep inside, one remains empty. Now imagine everyone around you experiencing this; It isn’t so hard to imagine a society that is increasingly becoming more superficial in nature.

Virtual relations are not only the crux of the matter. A generation that is being brought up with lesser grit appears to be a factor in affecting the superficiality of society. As the generation has increasingly more people that do not value perseverance but rather the best results in the fastest amount of time, being disposable becomes something of an issue. If things are not working out, you’ll fire that employee. If your spouse and you can’t work things out after marriage, a divorce is just a phone call away. If your friends are picking on you online, you unfollow them. This culture of disposability breeds superficiality, a shallowness in your life’s interaction with the people around you that eventually consumes society.

Is there anything inherently wrong with superficiality? Well, the answer is not set in stone and people can have their opinions. But if you value wholesome friendships and cherish relationships with the people you interact with every day, choosing instead a life more than an empty vessel, then you cannot be part of a superficial society. Start making an effort today by really meaning what you say and valuing the interactions around you. Most importantly, do not get caught up in the world of social media and the internet and take a moment to be away from your gadgets. Disconnect to connect with the world today and make a change in your life!