Top 3 SkillsFuture Courses to Go For

by James Tang (3385 views)
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With the government taking a stand against individuals improving their knowledge and learning even after they’ve stopped schooling, it is no wonder that such an initiative like SkillsFuture has been formed to encourage and motivate everyone from age 25 and up to pursue further learning. The SkillsFuture Credit scheme works by giving each Singaporean aged 25 and above a sum of $500 which will not expire in the years to come. Subsequently, the government would provide periodic top ups in order for one to accumulate their credits and go for future courses. With this in mind, here are 3 SkillsFuture courses that are recommended for people of all age and educational levels. We have considered several factors before recommending the following courses, taking into account the cost, pre-requisite education level and practicality in real life situations.

Achieving Excellence in Technical Writing

Technical writing has always been an important part of job processes and is almost always utilized in every situation possible. You could easily be sending an email on your Boss’s behalf to someone of a higher rank than you in the company or you may be communicating with your colleagues. Having good technical writing skills would increase the conciseness of your language and bring across an ease of understanding with professionalism to propel you to greater heights. If you don’t already have a firm grasp on English as a language, then pursuing this particular course will be extremely useful for your future. Priced at $590, you may have to top up $90 if you have insufficient funds in your account. Minimum qualification is a post-secondary education which can be general or vocational in their specialization.

Achieving The Psychological Advantage in Leadership    

Leadership is without a doubt something that one with hopes of commanding a workforce or employee must have. The education system in Singapore does not really have an emphasis on leadership which may result in those that do not actively pursue this personal development area in their life lacking it all together. It is required at almost any level and encompasses a sense of self-awareness of yourself and the people around you. Perfect for the typical corporate worker or those that are looking to start afresh, this course is a must have! The course is also priced at $590 so topping up may be necessary.

Accounting Advanced Course Singapore

For those that are already running your own business, a brief understanding of your finance and how it works is an absolute must. Financial literacy in today’s age is the utmost importance as not only will you miss out on perks that the government may offer if you’re not sure where your money is spent, but you may even encounter problems with your financial management. This course doesn’t require any qualification level and is extremely affordable at $185.  Expect to learn more about GST, income tax payable and commonly made errors in your yearly tax filing that could get you penalised by the government. Enhance your knowledge with this course today!