The Law of Attraction

by James Tang (3728 views)
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The law of attraction revolves around the idea that like attracts like and vice versa. In popular New Age philosophy, this idea is used to show how a positive thought or a negative thought brings our similar experiences into life itself. The concept originated from the belief that we are all made of pure energy, and our thoughts change the type of energy we produce, essentially attracting other beings with similar energy.

Health Aspects 

When applied to aspects of our life, the law of attraction works on different levels. With regards to health, the thought of worry, stress, fear and anger may cause your mind to deteriorate over time, in turn, making you sick. On the other hand, thoughts of wellness, love and peace keep people healthy and cure illnesses. Visualising yourself as being healthy has also been claimed to help increase your wellness levels.


When dealing with relationships, the law of attraction states that how and what we focus on in the relationship will affect what we experience in it. For example, should we focus on the good qualities of another person; we will have a higher chance of experience more of it. In addition, if we visualise a certain person being nice to us, then we’ll be attracting such experiences that match our very thoughts.

Personal Ambitions 

For ambitions, when one visualises clearly and in detail about what they wish to achieve in life, then the image will set in motion a series of events that will eventually lead us to the path that we desire. As you picture the scene in your mind, fill it with details that get ever more intricate with time and before you know it, the events will unfold before you. The general rule of the thumb is those thoughts will lead to action and action will escalate to methods. After methods take effect, your circumstances will eventually lead to the materialisation of your thoughts. 

Making Sense of It All

The main take away from the law of attraction, whether you believe it or not are that those thoughts affect results. By thinking that something bad will happen or wallow in your sorrows, you are inadvertently exposing yourself to unnecessary stress and pressure that will eventually affect your life. Instead of thinking about what you’re not getting in life, think about how you can achieve better results and what you really require to excel. 

Similarly, in the order to reduce thoughts about negative experiences in your life, don’t let external events or scenes that will hinder your life prospects get the better of you. Limit shows that deal with negative experiences like crime, drama, gossip and rumours. You don’t need such negative thoughts ruling your mind in such ways. What you do need is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that share the same mind-set as you so you can both motivate each other and propel yourselves to greater heights.