The 10,000-Hour Rule

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Have you ever wonder what makes a professional athlete, a musician, a programming wizard, a singer that professional? Do we associate it with their innate talent and were they just lucky to be discovered? Or is there a deeper connection? Are their achievements the results of talent coupled with diligence?

Research by a Psychologist

Below is a research done by a psychologist, K. Anders Ericsson and two colleagues at the Berlin’s elite Academy of Music. Through the research, Malcom Gladwell drew conclusions about the rich and famous who are mostly self-made millionaires or billionaires. He deduced that Bill Gates, Bill Joy, Mozart and The Beatles are the few who had clocked at least 10,000 hours of practice in their specific trade before they are recognized as ‘professionals.’

Summary of the research

Here’s a brief summary of the research, and hopefully it provokes your thoughts and decision on the necessity of fulfilling the 10,000-hour rule to learn and master something. Over at the Academy of Music in the 1990s, the psychologist divided the school violinists into three groups. The first group comprised of the stars – the students with the potential to become professional soloists. The second group was made up of those deemed merely good, while the third group was students who were determined to likely end up as music teachers at the public schools.

All of them were asked the same question – how many hours of practice have they completed till now? You may have guessed it right; by the time the first group hit 20 years of age, each of them had fulfilled almost 10,000 hours of practice as compared to the second group who had clocked about 8,000 hours of practice, while the third group had completed only 4,000 hours.

10,000 hour rule

The 10,000-hour practice rule seems to be the basis of becoming a professional although author and business expert, Josh Kaufman rebutted this idea with his first 20-hour rule. My point is, for whatever you would love to achieve at this point of life, go out there and put in the effort to succeed. So, have you been practicing what you like daily?

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