Getting That Extra Income with A Full-Time Job

by James Tang (2303 views)
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Everyone loves some extra income on the side to spend on some beer or for the occasional splurge. But how hard is it really to earn some extra income on the side while holding a full-time job? Today, we’ll take a look at some ideas to earn some extra bucks all while working a 9 to 5 job. Some of the criteria that the following ideas will have include not taking up a whole lot of time, generating a sizeable amount of money at the end of the month and relative ease of maintenance. If you’re truly interested in making a sustainable side income, read on!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the few proven ways that has stood the test of time, allowing everyone with an internet connection and some basic skills to set up. The main gist of affiliate marketing revolves around promoting other websites through your marketing and receiving a small percentage of the money should the sale of a product be successful. In addition, a variety of other financial techniques can be incorporated into affiliated marketing to gain money such as “pay-per-click” and normal “advertisement views”.

The very first step, especially for affiliate marketing is to find niche product which you would like to advertise. This could be a general category like “closets” or even “toilet seats”. Subsequently, set up a website and post the affiliate link from the site onto your own website and you’re done! Of course, you’d have to invest some time into drawing a sizeable amount of traffic to your site which would be the primary source for your income.


If you happen to have a unique hobby, or simply just a fun personality with something that you think people would enjoy watching, then setting up a YouTube channel may just be your ticket to a great side income! With YouTube paying by a thousand views, simply film yourself and post it on the platform – easy as that! The variety in content could range from anything, from a day in the life videos, vlogs or even videos of yourself doing funny acts. As long as you can get people to watch your videos, then you’re sure to earn money! Remember, though, your content has to be of a consistent quality so that viewers will keep coming back for more!


Many of us forget just how important this job can be for the future generations, especially since everyone has learned a particular skill in their lifetime. As long as you have strong knowledge or prior experience in a particular field, you’re already prepared to be a tutor. Make use of tuition agencies to find tutees or check out your local classifieds where people may be in need of a tutor for a specific subject. Do remember that teaching can be a strenuous task and preparation has to be made beforehand.

Selling Items

Selling things is a massive no brainer for people that have limited time to spare. All you need to do is advertise something you want to sell on a platform like Carousell and meet up with potential buyers for the transaction to take place. The key thing here is to capitalize on things that other sellers are not able to such as maybe a custom DIY leather wallet.