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Tenopy is an online education platform based in Singapore that allows top tutors to be more affordable and accessible. It is hard to find great tutors, but when they are online, they can are just a few clicks away and they can hence benefit a lot more students. Tenopy places emphasis on training top tutors to teach online effectively by partnering with NIE experts.


Tenopy believes in LIVE and interactive session where students can interact and ask questions immediately to top tutors. The students can get real-time human response from the tutors, and not learn from the typical pre-recorded videos online. Tenopy has its own special online platform which is like an online classroom, with a virtual whiteboard, presentation screen and chatbox for students to directly ask questions and teachers can answer immediately. In addition, students are able to enjoy personalised learning, through Tenopy’s adaptive learning system and personalised content.


Tenopy offers regular English, Mathematics lessons to primary, secondary and JC students. Tenopy also has workshops which are affordable specially-themed lesson packages that traditional schools and tuition centres do not offer. Example include SAT preparation, UNSW ICAS tests preparation, Math Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, Chemistry Olympiad, Creative Writing classes and more.


Tenopy’s Signature Courses:

Primary 3 - 6

English, Mathematics

Secondary 1 - 2

English, Mathematics

Secondary 3 - 4

English, EMath, AMath


General Paper, Math, Physics, Chemistry


Tenopy’s Special-Purpose Workshops:

Primary 3

Mathematical Approaches And Strategies (12 weeks)

Primary 3 - 4

UNSW ICAS English Comprehension


SAT Prep for Reading & Writing Workshop (6 weeks)

JC 1

Math Promo Exam Intensive (5 weeks)

JC 2

Math A Levels Exam Intensive (6 weeks)


Tenopy has a proven track record and is effective in improving the results of its students. In fact, 80% of Tenopy’s students has improved by at least 2 grades over 6 months. Most importantly, many more students can now enjoy great, engaging and effective teaching.

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