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Joyce has always been very helpful and efficient. I have always like to get her to help me since i started using the service of Ace Tutors in 2011.

- Mrs Eunice Loo

I am satisfied with Jessica's service. She is very prompt to answer all my queries and doubts. Indeed very helpful and patient. I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends if...

- Ms Joanna

Thank you Joyce for your excellent service. Being the returning customer, the hiring process is first-grade.

- Ms Ruth

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Latest Tutors

Chng Wen Xin
Tutor Teacher Picture I began tutoring at the age of 17 and have taught 13 students in total. I started teaching them when they were in their lower secondary. I am happy that most of them have made it from a F9 to at least a B3 for their math and additional math. Upon their graduation, we are still in very close contact...
Undergraduate, Part-Time
Tutor Tutors Pic I have had 4 years of teaching experience in the Express and Normal Academic streams. I have had training for the Old and the new revised English syllabus. I have had set many exam papers for my school and am well aware of the structure and requirements of the English examination in secondary schools....
Graduate, NIE Trainee
Wong Zi Jin
Tutor Teacher Picture I went to great schools like St Nicholas Girls School and ACJC where we were constantly challenged and encouraged by teachers to enjoy what we were learning in class, not merely completing homework. As such, I enjoy teaching my students the same thing- if I can get them interested in what they are learning,...
Undergraduate, Part-Time

Latest Small Group Tuitions

Tutor Tutors PicAssist Students to achieve desired results Mixed Class P3 Level - $22/Hr P4 Level - $25/Hr P5 Level - $28/Hr Choice of 2 Locations (Near Train Stations) 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours Session
Undergraduate, Full-Time
Secondary 4-Physics/Chem
Tutor Teacher PictureUnderstand Chemistry through simple concepts instead of memorization.
Graduate, Full-Time
Junior College 1-General Paper
Tutor Tutors PicApart from beefing up your knowledge and content levels, the aim of this weekly class is to improve your reading and understanding skills and your writing ability. Style, language, vocabulary and approach are all covered. We will use materials from books, magazines, newspapers, the internet, educational institutions, and past year papers. Discussing and working in a small group is more beneficial and...
Graduate, Full-Time
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