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- Mrs Lim

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Graduate, Full-Time
Elijah Ng
Teacher Display Picture I started tutoring during my student days at 17 and have found teaching to be fulfilling. Prior to my degree in NIE, I was working with an educational psychologist and had conducted learning style profiling sessions at various secondary schools. In NIE, I specialised in Primary Level English, Mathematics...
Graduate, (ex) MOE certified Teacher
[ Available on Request ]
Tutor Teacher Picture I have been a tutor for the past 10 years with 4+ years working in a secondary school teaching mathematics.

Available immediately and able to commit as long as possible.
Graduate, MOE-certified Teacher

Latest Small Group Tuitions

Primary 5-Mathematics
Tutor Tutors PicTechniques to problem solving for Primary 5. Word problems are often the toughest component pupils have difficulties tackling in the mathematics exam paper. In this class, I will be teaching strategies including model drawing, units and parts, ratio, simple simultaneous questions Etc, and any necessary heuristic skills needed to answer those problems in exam papers.
Graduate, (ex) MOE certified Teacher
Secondary 4-E Maths
Tutor Tutors PicI have been teaching E Maths for the last 7 Years and I do know the syllabus well. The aim of opening up a class is so that I can assist more students as 1 to 1 restricts me to have many tuition kids. Mainly i use other school test papers, topical exercises and full test papers of O Level Standards. Students have generally enjoyed and greatly improved in their Maths after grasping the fundamentals...
Graduate, Full-Time
Secondary 3-Bio/Chem
Tutor Teacher PictureThe aim of the class is to start preparing students in secondary 3 to score in their O levels Chemistry and Biology. Fundamentals have to start building strong in secondary 3 in order to score well in O levels. I will go through each topics and highlight the importance of each topic with them, giving them the main points. I will also address their problems they encounter in school and knowing how...
Graduate, Full-Time
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