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'Once again, excellent service from Joyce.'

- Mrs Lim

'Fyza - friendly, patience, helpful and prompt in attending to my long list of queries. Being a returning customer, I'm sure I made a right choice.'

- Ms Betty Cheong

'Excellent service by Fyza!!!'

- Mr Peter Tsang

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Latest Tutors

Lim Shu Hui
Tutor Teacher Picture I have been teaching in Stalford Learning Centre as a tuition teacher for the past 1 year. I have experience in teaching students from all walks of life.

Undergraduate, Part-Time
Teacher Display Picture I started tutoring as a part time tutor since my poly life (year 2012), besides that I am also a warmhearted person because I always hold free tutoring lessons for my friends in school which indeed helped a lot. One of the examples is that my poly friend's mathematics grade has improved from grade...
Diploma, Part-Time
Joash Lim
Teacher Display Picture I have had over 2 years of tutoring experience. The level of my students range from pri to IGCSE to JC. I keep my lessons engaging, yet focused. Students who started early with me saw a significant jump in their grades. I take ownership of my student's learning and encourage them to do the same.

Undergraduate, Part-Time

Latest Small Group Tuitions

Primary 4-Mathematics
Tutor Tutors PicMin 2 students max 4. Different levels are acceptable but fees increase by $5/hr per level. Eg. P4 is $30/hr , P5 $35/hr, P6 $40/hr joining alone. No. Of hrs can increase to 1.5hrs and fees adjusted accordingly. Peer learning & strategies to improve math. Use of action reasearch for positive learning experience. Student centered. Other timings are acceptable if there are more than 2 students. Mon...
Masters, (ex) MOE certified Teacher
Secondary 3-A Maths
Tutor Tutors PicTargetted at students moving on to Sec 3 in 2015. Bridges the gap between Secondary 2 Mathematics and the concepts required to excel in Additional Mathematics. Mon/Thu 5-7pm
Masters, (ex) MOE certified Teacher
Primary 5-Mathematics
Tutor Teacher PictureCurrent MOE relief teacher. Small group tuition for Pri 1 to Pri 6. Help students cultivate interest in Mathematics. Able to let students understand concepts easily. Teach according to the MOE syllabus. Provide free exam papers and worksheets to students. Revision of school work. Focuses on key concepts before practising questions based on exam papers. Clarification of students' doubts.
Graduate, Full-Time
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